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One of the more common symptoms of PTSD is anger.  People who have trauma from being abused by a parent or romantic partner find themselves lashing out at situations that make them feel similarly to the way the abuse made them feel.

Having anger outbursts gives a person a sense of loss of control and hopelessness. It may feel good at the moment, but it creates even more trauma and guilt in the end.

So if you have anger, your options are often lashing out, or stuffing the anger.  Stuffing it often results in rage later on.

Homeopathy can get to the bottom of Anger.  In our homeopathic repertory, there are over 600 remedies for anger, and 258 remedies for that special type of anger called Rage!

Liver & Anger

When a client comes to get help with anger, I will investigate to see if there is also signs of something not functioning properly with the Liver.  Here is a previous blog post on Liver problems.

Liver issues are likely to be indicated for people with PTSD, especially if the source of your PTSD is abuse. (There are 83 remedies in the symptom Ailments from Abuse.) One of indicators that something may be amiss with the liver is if you have problems with Conflict and Aggression, either causing it or avoiding it.  You might also be Hyper Willful (sometimes called controlling) or Hypo Willful, where you can’t stand up for yourself.  All of these symptoms would be common to see in someone who has been abused, or honestly, in the abuser as well.

As a homeopath, I would choose a remedy based on your symptoms, but if anger is one of your symptoms, I would check to make sure the remedy also covers Liver symptoms. Another possibility is to start with an Organ Therapeutic remedy as described in this blog post.

Although Anger wasn’t one of my issues, irritation was. I did have a lingering, mostly present, slight pain below my right ribs. It irritated me. I took a liver therapeutic remedy daily for three weeks and the pain is gone and has stayed away for 3+ years. It also helped my rosacea, which often accompanies anger.  My mood was better too, as I didn’t have this constant irritant bugging me all the time.

Medication Can Cause Liver Problems and Anger

Another reason your liver might be functioning less than optimally, is due to medication—either from your doctor or self-medicating through alcohol or other drugs.  Since pain is a physical symptom associated with PTSD, you might be taking Tylenol (liver) or Advil (Kidneys).  Over time, as these things take a toll on your liver, you may notice you are angrier than you used to be.

Western medicine really has nothing to offer people with liver problems.  But homeopathy does.  If you are interested in knowing whether you have liver problems, I have a little quiz you can take by downloading the Organ Questionnaire.  Click Here to Download the Organ Questionnaire  You can send it back to me, and we can have a chat!

With homeopathy, you can become calmer, not have to “manage” your anger.  Over time, responding with calmness will simply be the way you naturally respond.

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