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Anyone who has seen a homeopath gets asked about their dreams.  No matter what your reason is for seeking care from a homeopath, your dreams can be used to help determine a remedy to heal what ails you.

Dreams have a particular role in helping someone heal from PTSD or CPTSD.  Nightmares can be a common expression of the root cause of PTSD.  According to Psychology Today, dreams are a way to work through “difficult, complicated, unsettling thoughts, emotions, and experiences, to achieve psychological and emotional balance.”

Homeopathy can help you do all that, and change your dreams too.

I want to share my experience of dreams changing by using a homeopathic remedy.  Maybe you will see yourself in this story.

Many years ago, I had a job that had some good points to it, but my boss was not so good.  In fact, one day 13 people quit at the same time.  One of my colleagues said that it felt like when she quit that she had left an abusive relationship.  So you get the idea and perhaps know exactly how she felt.  It was a difficult situation to be working in.

After I left that job, and for a long time afterwards, I would have a dream where I would push an elevator button and door would open, and in the elevator was my former boss/employer. Sometimes the dream was the reverse, where I would be in the elevator and he would push the button and the door would open and I would be standing there.

I tried to hide from him in my dreams.  You can imagine how hard this was to do in an elevator. Sometimes there would be a janitor in the elevator with me and I would try to hide behind his cart.  Most of the time, I couldn’t hide.

One day, my homeopath gave me a new remedy and it was a remedy for hiding.  I took that remedy and the next night I had a dream.  The dream was that I pushed the elevator buttons, the door opened and there was my boss.  Instead of trying to hide, I had a conversation with him.  And it was a good conversation.

What Happened?

After I had that dream, my perception of what that job was like really changed a lot.  It didn’t seem so bad after all.

You could have that experience too with the nightmares that you are having as part of your PTSD.  You might not have a healing dream, such as mine.  Not everyone has one.  Your dreams may just go away.  But you could eliminate those nightmares for good with a well chosen homeopathic remedy.

We still need people in our pilot PTSD Study who are having problems with nightmares.  So if you would like help with your PTSD or CPTSD nightmares, join our Facebook Group, Healing PTSD Naturally.  From there you can go to the Files section and apply to join our study.

If you aren’t on Facebook, and would like to be in the study, please go to our Contact Us page and request to have an application emailed to you.

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