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Let’s face it.  Some Blog Posts are just more popular than others.  The first two on the list were infinitely more popular, probably because there are specific tips in there and they went a bit viral.  Below are the most popular blog posts of 2019 on the Lotus Homeopathy website.

Post #6 had just two less views than #5, so it seems appropriate to include it:

6.  Your Liver, PTSD & Anger:  Homeopathy can help!  Get access to a check list!
5.  Insomnia, Menopause & Homeopathy, Pt. 1 How homeopathy and other natural methods can help Insomnia.
4.  PTSD & Migraines:  Homeopathy to the Rescue.  Can Homeopathy help Migraines?  You bet!
3.  Homeopathy vs. CBD Oil:  What’s the Difference?  CBD is very popular right now.  See how to distinguish homeopathy from CBD Oil.
2.  Winter Weather Remedy Tips.  Remember how absolutely freezing it was last January?  Be prepared for a repeat by reading this Blog Post!
1.  Seasickness Prevention and Relief with Homeopathy!  Planning a cruise this year?  Be sure to read this first!

My Favorites!

My two favorite blog posts didn’t make the top five, but I wanted to point them out to you!

Natural Solutions for Women’s Pesky Health Problems.  Homeopathic and natural solutions you can help yourself with!
Homeopathy vs. Therapy:  What’s the Difference?  Have you every wondered?  Here is your answer!

If you would like to read other blog posts, there are many years worth here!

Happy New Year!


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