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Cease Therapy


With CEASE Therapy Your Child Will Be:

  • More communicative
  • Able to interact more with others
  • Less sensitive to noise
  • Willing to eat a wider variety of foods
  • Sleeping more hours per night (both parent and child)
  •  More regular in their digestive tract
  •  Able to pay attention
  • More affectionate
  • Less anxious
  • Able to tell you what is wrong
  • Less rigid
  • More tolerant of ambiguity
  • Less violent
  • Easier to parent

What is CEASE Therapy?

CEASE means Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression.  It is a protocol developed by Tinus Smits, MD, a Dutch homeopathic physician to help children and adults on the Autism Spectrum recover.

CEASE uses a three pronged approach.  The first is Isotherapy.  This means that the substances that appear to have caused the condition are used in homeopathic doses to begin to clear the condition.

The second prong of CEASE is Orthomoleculars. Through much observation and study, Dr. Smits determined that there are a few supplements that are indispensable when helping Autistic children.  They are chosen on an as needed basis.  Not every child will be taking every possible supplement, only the ones they need, thus saving money.

Finally, the third element is Classical/Inspiring Homeopathy.  Inspiring Homeopathy refers to nine different remedies that Dr. Smits recognized as being very common among his Autistic patients.  It is also possible that some won’t need one of these remedies, but rather one that is unique to the individual.

CEASE Therapy

  • Offers hope
  • Is easy to administer
  • Shows signs of improvement within days
  • Unlimited support
  • Cost effective
  • Developed by a homeopathic physician
  • Limited supplementation
  • Safe homeopathic remedies
  • Very Affordable

 CEASE Therapy:

Peeling the Onion

Dr. Smits recognized that many Autistic children (or adults) appear to have a layer which he refers to as an Accidental Layer.  This means there is a causative factor that created the illness.  Not everyone has an Accidental Layer, but many people who are not Autistic also have an Accidental Layer.  For example, people with Chronic Lyme’s Disease could benefit from the Isotherapy protocol used to remove accidental layers.  People who feel they have health issues related to amalgam fillings have also been known to feel better after Isotherapy.

Universal Layers are addressed by Inspiring Homeopathy.  There are nine potential Universal Layers that are addressed by nine different homeopathic remedies.  In spite of its name, not everyone has a Universal Layer.

Finally there is an Individual Layer.  Everyone has an Individual Layer.  This is normally where Classical Homeopathy works, choosing a unique remedy for each individual. CEASE Therapy ends with Classical Homeopathy.

Getting Started

If you would like to get started with CEASE Therapy, please click on the BookNow button to schedule a Recovering From Autism Complimentary Consult.  This telephone or online (Skype or FaceTime) appointment will enable us to discuss CEASE Therapy and get your child started with Homeopathy.

Not every child needs CEASE Therapy.  Sometimes the initial consult reveals that Classical Homeopathy is needed instead.

Becoming a CEASE client will require that you first read Dr. Smit’s book entitled Autism: Beyond Despair.  It is available through Nature-Reveals. Lotus Homeopathy may, from time to time, have copies available as well.

To learn more about CEASE therapy, go to www.CEASE-Therapy.com.


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