The word about the potential risks of vaccines is getting more publicity. Did you watch The series The Truth About Vaccines? 

There is an alternative to conventional vaccines which has been shown through studies to be as effective or more effective than conventional vaccines.  It is called Homeoprophylaxis (HP).  To read more about HP, please click here.

Due to the number of inquiries about HP as a result of the recent series about vaccines, we will be offering an informational class on HP. 

When this class is completed, you will know the following:

  • Basic background on homeopathy.
  • Research results from Homeoprophylaxis.
  • Information about how vaccines affect the body.
  • How the program works.
  • Costs of the program.
  • How to register your children for Homeoprophylaxis.

Course Details

When:   Tuesday, May 9th, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. CDT


                Monday, May 15th 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. CDT

Cost:       $10.00 US.  This will be refunded if you register your children for Homeoprophylaxis within 30 days of the Webinar.

Where:  In the Comfort of your own home via an online webinar.

How to Register:  To Register, Click Here

Lotus Homeopathy Ribbon Cutting

In Celebration of the new home for Lotus Homeopathy, the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce hosted a Ribbon Cutting on November 13, 2014.  Even the mayor of Woodbury, Mary Guiliani Stephens came! 

Below is the photo of the event, courtesy of Tom Dunn Photography.  Great Action Shot, Tom!  That is Kathryn with the big scissors!  Thanks to everyone who came.  You really helped make the day special!