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How Much Does It Cost?

New Client Packages for the First Year of Care:

Research shows that consistency in seeing your practitioner is important to improving your health, no matter which modality you choose. So we see client the first year with a package plan. The second year a package plan is optional.

Packages are priced for unlimited contact for an entire year!! This means initial consult, follow up appointments, and acute care are all included. Remedies and supplements are NOT included!

  • Client aged 16 and over: $700.00 per person per year
  • Client under 16: $650.00 per person per year

The cost savings is $185.00 per year, at a minimum.  More for children or if you have a serious chronic illness.

Continuing Client Packages for Subsequent Years of Care:

  • $500.00 per year, per person (optional–you can choose to pay per appointment for follow-ups)

Per Appointment Follow-up Consultations for Clients:

  • $85.00 for a 45-60 minute follow-up consultation for one individual.
  • $1 per minute for appointments that go over an hour.

CEASE Therapy or Isotherapy:

Because of the amount of contact required when participating in CEASE Therapy or any other clearing type of program, the new package deal is costlier than packages for non-CEASE clients. Current CEASE clients can switch to this program to save money.

  • $1000.00 per year, for the first person for the first year.
  • $800.00 per year for each additional person signed up concurrently with the first person and for the second year, per person.

There are additional fees for remedies, interim calls and acute care calls. Please download the Appointment Documents to read more.


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