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The Worst Acute Illness and How To Deal With It

As a homeopath, I am often exposed to my clients’ acute symptoms. But I never really worry too much. Getting sick is all about susceptibility. I’ve been using homeopathy for 25 years, so my susceptibility is pretty low. Plus I eat well, exercise frequently and get...

Homeopathy & Alcohol & Alcoholism

Is Homeopathy Okay for Alcoholics? Last week’s blog, Is Homeopathy Okay for Vegans? caused this question to be asked by one of the readers of this blog. As promised, she will receive a free remedy in the mail, and also as promised, I wrote this blog post. Every remedy...

Is Homeopathy Okay For Vegans?

People have all kinds of reasons for hesitating on trying a modality in the Natural Health arena. Is it effective? How long will it take to get better? How much does it cost? Does insurance cover it? Recently I was asked if homeopathy was okay for vegans to use. It is...

Do I Have To Stop My Medicine to Do Homeopathy?

Good Question! Many people avoid doing any sort of natural therapies because they are concerned that they will have to stop their Western Medicine drugs to do so. Conversely, other folks feel that if what they are doing is “natural”, they can do whatever they want...


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