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An Arnica Story, Sort Of….

An Arnica Story, Sort Of….

I recently went with my family to England for a few days on a short holiday.  I always encourage people to bring Arnica, and other remedies like Rhus Tox, Bryonia and Ruta, along on vacation. There is nothing like an injury to ruin a vacation.  Those are great injury...

Lyme Disease: Three Ways Homeopathy Can Help

As you read in my previous post, Homeopathy is a shining star when it comes to helping individuals afflicted with Lyme Disease.  On going prescriptions of antibiotics do help some people manage their disease, but that approach wreaks havoc on your digestive system....

Yes, You Can Get Better

Yes, You Can Get Better

It is really common to hear people talk about their illnesses.  It seems to be the topic du jour almost any place you go.  It often goes something like this: It's just old age. I can't do anything about it. I have to live with it. The medications don't really help...


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