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I remember when I was young, there was a boy in my class who got pneumonia several years in a row in the spring.  He’d always miss a week or more of school. 

Spring can bring on allergy symptoms.

Many years later, when I had my own children, one of them ended up getting Bronchitis and Pneumonia two years in a row in the spring.  By then I knew about homeopathy and knew enough to pay attention to the timing.  Was this a pattern developing? 

When I look in my homeopathic Repertory (a book of symptoms), I see that the symptom of Spring Aggravates has 52 remedies.  The remedy my young son needed at that time is listed among the 52. He has not had any Spring respiratory issues since taking that remedy several times over the course of a year. 

Also listed are several remedies made from various Snakes.  Since snakes tend to hibernate in the Winter, it isn’t a surprise that the Spring weather might cause health issues for people needing those remedies.  How would you feel after being awakened from a 3 month nap?

Spring is also a time of Allergies.  Homeopathy has much to offer to relieve Spring allergies and prevent them from coming back the next year. I personally used to have Spring allergies, Fall allergies and Cat allergies.  Now, some mild sneezing in spring and fall is all I experience.  I even stayed a couple days with a cousin who has a cat and was perfectly fine.

One very common remedy for acute allergies is Sabadilla.  The main symptom indicating this remedy is copious sneezing.  Another remedy to consider is Allium Cepa.  This is for a very watery, runny nose accompanied by sneezing.  There are many more.  If these symptoms match yours, take the remedy in a 30C as needed. 

Interestingly, if you have chronic allergies, the remedy you use this season, may not work next year at the same time.  A constitutional remedy can help you conquer your allergies.  Allergies are one of the most common ailments for which someone seeks homeopathic care.  So join the rest of the former allergy sufferers and get help for your self and your family. 

For help with your upcoming Spring Allergies, call Kathryn at 651-748-1556.

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