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The start of school is upon us.  Perhaps your children have already started.  In Minnesota, public schools aren’t allowed to start before labor day.  The State Fair is a big part of the economy of Minnesota and a large source of jobs for teenagers.

But once they have started, the wiggles and squirms, which are largely unnoticeable during an active, fun-filled summer, begin to show again.  If your child has a difficult time paying attention, you may get a conversation with his or her teacher and the school psychologist asking you to get your child evaluated.

The last thing most parents want is to put their child on drugs.  But somehow, the doctors have been trained to make it seem so normal, so innocuous. “It makes changes in the brain,” you may hear.  Yes, it does, but are they good?  I don’t need to go through all the dangers.  You can just Google side-effects of ADD/ADHD drugs and find many pages of them.  Some include weight loss, numbing of feelings, etc.

Homeopathy has many possible options for helping with the wiggles, daydreams, tornadoes left on ones wake, etc.

I recently ordered a new book on homeopathic remedies from Butterflies.  These turn out to be great remedies for ADD/ADHD.  Why wouldn’t they be, the way butterflies flit around from place to place.  For example one of the remedies discussed in the book is ACHERONTIA ATROPOS, The Death’s Head Hawkmoth.  It has the symptoms of being abandoned, having a love for honey and sensitivity to bees and bee stings, eczema and/or urticaria, a fear of suffocation and restless children who love pirate stories.

There are hundreds of other remedies which display restlessness.  Please go our website to read a further description of the homeopathic view of ADD/ADHD and some possible options.  Keep in mind that there are literally HUNDREDS of homeopathic remedies that can help with difficulty on concentrating and restlessness.  This is not something you can figure out on your own.

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