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One of the hardest things for a recovering alcoholic to do is go back to his family who haven’t changed and try to maintain his sobriety in the face of all the old behaviors that supported his old way of being.  Often the family doesn’t like or is uncomfortable with the new and improved version of their child or sibling.

What does all this have to do with Homeopathy?  I’m glad you asked.  When someone has behavioral issues, whether a child or adult, it affects the whole family.  But when those behaviors improve, the whole family can improve or experience some stress.  Homeopathy can help institute behavioral changes and it can help protect the new behavior changes as well.

I have a young client who had some physical issues, but the main reason his mother brought him to see me was because she was afraid he would hurt his older brother.  After trying a couple remedies, we settled on the remedy Hyoscyamus which is a member of the Solanaceae (Night Shade) family.  Many of the remedies in this family show violence as a way to cope with stress.  I later learned that a Hyoscyamus state can be induced in the exact situation of his birth story.  After being on this remedy for a couple of months, his mother reported there was no need to be hypervigilent about leaving the two boys together.  After a year, his remedy picture changed and he needed a new remedy.

Think about what a change that was for the entire family.  The older boy didn’t need to wonder when he was going to get struck by his brother and his mother could relax and stop worrying about the future of her son.  She even joked later that the criminal attorney/bail fund was now going to become a college fund.

With the holidays around the corner, it is time to think about changes you would like in your family, whether it is your immediate family or extended family.  Issues don’t come up during the holidays, they get exaggerated.  You can’t force your family to do homeopathy, but a good remedy can help you can change the way you react to them, which will cause less stress in the long run.




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