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As I was walking along the beach this morning, I thought of two remedies that would be important to have along on your vacation, especially if you are going to play on the beach or go barefoot.

Staphysagria is first.  It is normally thought of as a constitutional remedy for suppressed anger.  But it has specific uses for cuts.  If someone has surgery and there is pain located on the incision itself, Staphysagria will take care of that in short order.  As I saw some sharp shell fragments on the beach, I thought that it would be easy to cut one’s foot.  I would take Arnica first, but if the cut itself is painful, take Staphysagria.  It is different than a puncture wound, so it would require a different remedy.

Silica is a remedy made from sand.  Kind of ironic that it is a good beach remedy.  One of the really cool things Silica does is to expel foreign objects from under the skin.  I remember one day my son got a sliver under his nail before school.  I have no idea what he was doing that he managed to pull that off so early in the morning. It was painful and I couldn’t get to it with a tweezer.  I sent him to school after giving him a dose of Silica.  I told him that if it wasn’t better by lunch he should go to the nurse’s office and I would come over with another dose.

I didn’t hear from him.  After school I asked him about it.  His response was, “I don’t know when it came out, but by lunch, it was gone.”  YAY!  I would use a 30C or a 30x.

Just a cautionary note, Silica will also push out things you may need in your body, so ignore this if you have screws in a bone or something like that.




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