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I do not make it a habit of wearing new shoes on vacation.  This trip is no exception.  I brought along a pair of yoga sandals (instead of just a strap between the big toe and the second toe, there is a tab between each toe).  I have had these sandals for years.  So I didn’t anticipate any problems.

Yesterday while walking on the beach, I developed a blister on the top of my foot.  Perhaps it was a grain of sand caught under the top strap.  Maybe a pearl would have developed if I had kept it up long enough.  But I think the better explanation is that I was walking with my husband and he is always in too big a hurry.  I didn’t develop a blister, but I might have had the walk continued.

Blisters can ruin a vacation.  It’s hard to believe such a small thing can have such a big impact.  Kind of like when you get a paper cut.  It hurts like the devil, but it is so tiny.

A good remedy for blisters is Causticum.  Take it in a 12C, 30C or 30x as needed for pain and blisters and it will do wonders.  I still recommend adhesive bandages to protect the blister from getting further irritation.

As long as you have it along for blisters, you could also take it for a burn.  Perhaps you are like me and you like to burn candles when you are in your vacation place because it smells funky.  If you go somewhere warm, a sunburn can need a remedy as well.  Causticum would work for a mild sunburn.  Cantharis for a more severe and sunburn.  I remember many years ago, my husband wasn’t watching what he was going and instead of grabbing the handle of the grill, he touched the lid of the grill.  OUCH!  He came in and asked if I had a remedy for a burn, as he was running his hand under cold water.  I suggested Causticum.  Within seconds, the pain went away.  BTW, running a burn under warm water and then gradually changing to cold is a more homeopathic way to deal with a burn.

Senator Paul Wellstone likely needed Causticum for his MS.

I may have mentioned Causticum before, but if not, I likely will again.  Causticum is the brainchild of Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the founder of the principals of homeopathy.  It is a cooked up mineral soup which consists of potassium and sulphur as just a couple of ingredients.  As a constitutional remedy it is a Kali remedy.  Kali remedies like rules and family is important.  Kali Carbonicum is the backbone of America.  Hard working, do as they are told.  America wouldn’t have been America without Kali’s.  Causticum, interestingly, is a Kali, so it has some Kali physical symptoms, but it is the anti-rule Kali.  They work on behalf of people and animals and plants who can’t work on their own behalf.  Think of the tree-huggers.  Former Senator Paul Wellstone, may he rest in peace, likely needed Causticum for his Multiple Sclerosis.

Causticum–don’t leave home without it.




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