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In homeopathy, we don’t talk about disease.  We talk about “dis-ease”.  The body is not in a state of ease.  Disease is the end product of “dis-ease”.

So what exactly is “dis-ease” and what is health?  Dis-ease does not merely mean the absence of illness or disease.  Since disease is the end product of “dis-ease”, it is possible to have dis-ease but not have disease.  In fact, many people don’t think they need homeopathy because they don’t think they have any physical symptoms.  Of course, many physical illnesses are present before we even know they are there.  In homeopathy, we are concerned with the conditions present in a person that could eventually cause Disease.

Dis-ease includes the following elements:

  • A body is not in a state of ease.  It is mistuned.
  • A person has adverse feelings and irregular responses to those feelings.
  • Living in the there and then, rather than the here and now.

Since health does not merely mean the absence of disease, what does it mean?  Here are a few elements of health:

  • A sense of personal well-being on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical planes.
  • An absence of limiting factors
  • Creativity on the mental level.
  • Living in the here and now.

So those who feel that there is no need to see a homeopath because they don’t have any disease symptoms, may feel differently.  If the definition of health doesn’t match your current state, come and see me.




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