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This is the end of the 31 Days of Blogging for October–on November 1st.  A bit ironic, but a busy day yesterday.

Did you get much candy for Halloween?  Eating sugar really suppresses your white blood cell activity.  A lot of parents think that their kids just get sick in November because the weather is getting cold.  While homeopaths know that weather affects health, we also know that sugar affects health as well.  Here is my trick I used to use when my children were little.  I would keep their candy on top of the refrigerator where they couldn’t reach it.  I’d give them one piece each and throw a piece of candy in the trash at the same time.  They didn’t know, of course, but it certainly made it disappear quickly.  Interestingly, in more recent years, they simply don’t eat it all.  It goes up in their rooms, where they don’t spend much time except for sleeping, and they forget about it.  It gets old and hard and they voluntarily throw it in the trash.

I will continue to write in my blog, but not everyday.  It was a good exercise for me, but I felt I fell behind in other things.  So I will write less often, perhaps a couple times a week.

I will continue to comment on stories in the news and respond to common questions I receive.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

In the meantime, check out my website.  I have a lot more information there.





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