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Blood oranges are nutrient dense citrus fruit.

I was in the grocery store yesterday, and to my delight, I found Cara Cara Oranges.  If you are used to eating regular naval oranges, you’ll find these a refreshing change.

They are pink, but don’t look like grapefruit.  They have a different taste from a regular naval orange. They are lovely on a fruit platter, their color contrasting with other citrus fruits.

I was then reminded of Blood Oranges.  It isn’t blood orange season yet, and I’ll try to remind you when it is.  But the pulp is multi colored, but it is mostly the color of blood.  Dark red and very juicy.  Usually blood oranges are smaller than naval oranges.  Their dark color indicates that they have the same nutrients as raspberries and blue berries, which are outrageously expensive if you can even find them fresh in the winter.  So blood oranges make an unusual alternative.  I frequently bring platters of citrus fruit to winter gatherings. The display of oranges, clementines, cara cara oranges and blood oranges along side a pink grapefruit tantalizes the senses.

Can’t wait to see them on display.




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