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In keeping with the spirit of trying to present really useful remedies for the holiday season, knowing this next one, and having it on hand could help prevent an illness in the family from taking over the holiday.

You all know this symptom.  You are sure you are coming down with something.  Your body aches.  Your throat hurts–maybe the worst sore throat you’ve ever had.  You are laying in bed all covered up when suddenly you are sweating and you MUST uncover.  You proceed to kick the blankets off, bringing instant relief.  After a short time, you are shivering and your teeth are chattering.  You cover up again.  Repeat many times.

Your hair looks terrible.  Your tongue may be coated gray or white.  When you bite into your tongue, small dents remain.  Your breath stinks–maybe a metallic smell.  You are salivating.  You are sweating.  You are restless.  You are MISERABLE.

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