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Have you ever eaten too much?

Have you ever had too much to drink?

How do you feel when this happens?  Weak, nauseous, tired, full, headache, stomach ache?

This week’s remedy of the week can help out in those situations and help you ring in the New Year feeling a bit more alive.  In addition to feeling like you have over indulged in some way, it also helps the feeling that if you could just throw up, you’d feel better.  If you could just have a BM, you’d feel better.  If you could just cough something out, you’d feel better.

Emotionally, someone who needs this remedy generally wants to be left alone to sleep or rest, if you just could.  You are crabby and irritable.

Click HERE to find out the name of this over indulgence, hangover, too much to eat remedy.  Read the whole posting, because you’ll find information on how to take the remedy to make it most effective.

If you tend to over indulge too much in either eating or drinking, call Kathryn for help with that.




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