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People who need this remedy feel cold and want warm beverages.

This week’s remedy of the week is one that has been useful the past month or so.  This remedy is good for many things, but it is particularly well known for use in Food Poisoning.  You know the feeling.  Vomiting, freezing cold, you don’t want to be left alone.

If you need this remedy, you probably are a bit anxious and restless. It may occur to you that you’ll never get well, or you may even think you’ll die.  You might WANT to die you feel so awful.

You may be wondering how this remedy has been useful in the past month or so.  Have that many people gotten food poisoning?  Is there something wrong with the local restaurants?  Not at all.  It also happens to be a really good remedy for gastroenteritis, sometimes commonly referred to as the stomach flu.  Who knows, it could be genuine influenza that is going around.  In homeopathy, we just look at the symptoms.  Diagnosis not necessary.  My colleagues and I have been using this remedy for the stomach flu that is going around.

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