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Remedy of the Week is back after a brief hiatus.

This week’s remedy is one of the most common in the homeopathic Materia Medica.  It isn’t surprising, because the source of this remedy is very plentiful on earth as well.

Rotting is part of this remedy

This remedy has a lot to do with decay  and disgust.  Of things wearing out and dragging on so long that they get stale and old.  As one would expect, things then get smelly and stinky and sweaty and gross.

It is a specific for a child hood ear infection that comes on at the end of a stale old cold.  It is also for a cold that won’t seem to go away.  It seems like it is past the acute phase where you don’t really have a lot of symptoms, but the ones you have drag on and on.  You are sick of being sick.

Another symptom of this remedy is that your hair looks greasy and dirty, even if you just washed it that morning.  Definitely a bad hair day.

You might also have skin eruptions of some sort with this remedy.  It might be a rash or hives or just red skin from being warm.

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