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I recently took a GREAT remedy.  I feel really good.  So the day to day things that have bothered me recently are all MUCH better, even non-existent.

SADD is common in Minnesota and other cold weather states.

SADD is common in Minnesota and other cold weather states.

But it is rather fun to look at small things that get better and you don’t even realize it because they aren’t day to day annoyances.

Take today’s weather for example.  Many people suffer from sadness and depression in the winter when the sun stays put behind the clouds.  Not me.  In the winter I prefer cloudy days in the winter because that means warmer weather.  I am more concerned about temperature than light.

The kind of weather that I am most sensitive to is rainy weather.  I can remember being so sad and dragged down from rain.  Especially heavy rain.  Today it rained for 2 – 3 hours this morning.  I didn’t even notice.  I was unaffected by it.  If I lived in somewhere like Seattle, where rain is a frequent event, I may have noticed it sooner.

So homeopathy can help with the weather, at least our perception of it.  As Winter is approaching, if you are a Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferer, or are bothered by any other type of weather, homeopathy is your friend.  It will give you a hand, as a friend should, and pull you out of the funk you are experiencing.




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