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I belong to a number of Facebook Groups and Linked In Groups that focus on wellness, natural health, homeopathy, etc.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I generally go through streaks of reading and responding to posts.  I could spend all day reading and posting.  You know how it goes.

But I have found a common thread amongst these groups.  Many participants have some method of managing their dis-ease and their symptoms with a natural modality, such as supplements, aroma therapy, or maybe herbs.  But managing symptoms, flare ups, aggravations, etc., is not wellness and it is not healing.

Using an essential oil to manage a flare up of asthma does not mean you don’t have asthma any more.  This is no different than suppressing the symptoms with drugs, except that it isn’t toxic.

I think it is great when people have some safe, non-toxic, natural product to help them out.  And people can only be as healthy as they want to be.  So if someone likes their meds and inhalers for their asthma and suppressing their symptoms is what they want, that is their choice and I am fine with that.

But what if you can get even healthier and you just don’t realize it? 

That is where a lot of my educational efforts are focused.  I educate people so they know that while his supplement is great, and avoiding onions the rest of her life may help prevent heart burn, it is not healing.  You do still have your problem.  You just know how to manage it.  If you used to be able to eat onions and now you can’t, it doesn’t mean that you no longer have heart burn.  You just know how to avoid the symptoms.

So for true healing, check out homeopathy.  Yes, we can also suppress symptoms.  But a true similimum remedy, that is, the constitutional remedy that best fits your entire symptom picture, can enable you to eat onions again, wouldn’t you want that?  Wouldn’t you want to know that is possible?  It is possible.  With Homeopathy.  Constitutional homeopathy.



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