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1212184-Cartoon-Of-A-Sick-Liver-Organ-Mascot-With-A-Thermometer-Royalty-Free-Vector-ClipartDisturbed by Liver?  Me too.  I get disturbed when I eat Liver. (Even though it is the new thing that is so good for you, I did my time eating liver as a child.)

Is your liver functioning properly?  You might be surprised to find out it is not.  There is a bit of an “epidemic” of unrecognized liver problems these days.  It may be more common than you think.  It can be totally an organic problem, but it is also a lifestyle issue.  Too much work, too many pharmaceuticals, too many OTC’s, too much alcohol, too much sugar, etc., can also cause a liver disturbance. And it doesn’t necessarily heal itself when you change your lifestyle and Western Medicine has little to offer.

Since the liver helps clean your blood (40% of your blood is in your liver at any given moment), aids in digestion, stores energy (Glycogen) and has a role in blood clotting, it is important that you keep it as healthy as possible.

james_compton_burnettFortunately, homeopathy has been helping liver problems back since the time of Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the founder of the principals of homeopathy.  A contemporary of his, Dr. Johann Rademacher, was an expert at treating organs, and his methods are still available to homeopaths, which means you can still benefit from his expertise, as well as that of Dr. James Compton Burnett, who practiced homeopathic medicine a bit later in England.

Primary Physical Signs

These signs are those that are really obvious and if you went to the doctor with a combination of these symptoms, they would take note.

  1. Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.
  2. Stool is either pale or light colored or you have yellow diarrhea.  You may experience this in an acute situation, especially the yellow diarrhea, but if it is combined with other symptoms, take note.
  3. Urine is darkly colored.
  4. You experience pain or pressure at the bottom of your right ribcage.  If you lie on your left side, it feels like it is dragging down or like a heavy weight.
  5. Chilliness.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is one of your heat sources.  If your liver isn’t functioning properly, you may feel chilly.

Secondary Physical Symptoms  

These symptoms may indicate Liver disturbance, or they may not.  But if you are finding you have several of them, it may be time to schedule a constitutional consult.

  1. Skin symptoms include liver spots (yes, they are real), eczema, psoriasis, acne rosacea, cellulite, lipomas (fatty lumps under the skin), easy facial flushing, excessive blood vessels in your face or on your nose.
  2. Digestion issues that indicate a liver problem include yellow coating on the tongue, bad breath (you thought you just needed to brush your tongue) slow to develop and resolve migraine headaches, constipation, poor appetite in the mornings, craving sweets, worse from alcohol, aggravated by eating fat, and diarrhea from rich foods.
  3. Circulatory symptoms include hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
  4. Body shape consists of a roll of fat around the upper abdomen, and/or swelling (bags) under the eyes just above the boney orbit of your eye socket that are darkly colored.
  5. Sensory Symptoms include Tinnitus, and floaters in the field of vision.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms

anger-clipart-angry-man-clipartIt is hard to believe that your liver can affect your outlook on life.  But anger has long been associated with the liver, as well as other signs and symptoms.

  1. The Liver is the locus of the will.  If there is a disturbance, you will find that your ability to choose or act on your own accord will be functioning improperly.  You may see either Hyper willfulness, which could be seen as domineering or Hypo willfulness which could appear as indecision or lack of will power, such as in the phrase lily-livered used since the late 1500’s to describe a weak person.
  2. Conflict and aggression aggravate a person who has liver problems.  This could also be true for people who initiate the conflict with others.  Conflict directed at them, or among others, causes them great distress.
  3. Anger is a well known symptom of a liver problem.  It can be accompanied with irritability, mood disturbances, depression, poor concentration, brain fog, especially in the morning.
  4. Sleep is also affected by the liver.  People who have liver problems wake up feeling unrefreshed and unrested.

I don’t have a check list or quiz like you find on Facebook to determine whether you have liver problems, but if you can say yes to two or more of these symptoms, schedule your appointment for a constitutional consult.  Not only will your liver function better, but other organs which are linked to the liver will too.


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