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As you read in my previous post, Homeopathy is a shining star when it comes to helping individuals afflicted with Lyme Disease.  On going prescriptions of antibiotics do help some people manage their disease, but that approach wreaks havoc on your digestive system.

Homeopathy can help with prevention, overcoming the dis-ease, and prevention again at the end.

Preventing with Homeopathy

Ledum Palustre

Ledum Palustre

If you know you got a tick bite, or if you see the tell-tale bull’s eye rash, immediately take high potency doses of Homeopathic Ledum:  1M 3x per day for 3 – 6 days.  If you take it as soon as you know you were bitten, even before the rash, it does a good job of nipping it before it can develop.  Bring it with you in your back pack if you are hiking or fishing.  If you get the rash or start to get symptom of Lyme, you should go to your doctor and also take the antibiotics.  There are also other remedies that can be taken at this time, but the remedies must be chosen by a homeopath.

Over-coming the Dis-ease with Homeopathy

Many people with Lyme do not get a bull’s eye rash.  It is common to just start to develop symptoms, which may seem like influenza.  Many influenza remedies, if taken early on, can stop Lyme in its tracks.

The constitution of the person who has contracted Lyme will determine where the symptoms settle.  For example, headaches, joint pain, heart symptoms, etc., all reflect different constitutional remedies in homeopathy.  If the symptoms are addressed quickly and aggressively, that may be all it takes.

But Lyme which has continued on and on and is in a chronic state requires much more aggressive therapy.  In my clinic, we start with detoxification with homeopathic remedies, supported by supplements, minerals, and herbs to manage the detoxification reactions.  This detoxification should help you feel better within a couple of weeks, as the liver, kidneys, matrix, etc begins to clear out.

If you have multiple tic borne infections, they can all be removed with isotherapy; that is, homeopathic remedies made from all the infectious critters.  If you have been diagnosed with Lyme, you may also have the co-infections.  The standard tests from the Doctor’s office are the ELISA and Western Blot.  They are frequently inaccurate.  If you have these tests done and they come back negative AND you still feel awful, ask the doctor to order an Initial Lyme Panel from Igenex or Clongen.  They are 98% accurate.

Prevention. Again.

Once you are feeling better from the homeopathic treatment, you most definitely do not want to get Lyme again.  In homeopathy, we recognize that there are certain constitutions that are more likely to get Lyme disease.  The final step in helping the dis-ease that is Lyme is a constitutional remedy. There are many possible remedies, to help deal with the grief, the loss, and the changes that come with Lyme and the changes you experience with overcoming it.

Homeopathy is the shining star for Lyme.  Let homeopathy shine down on you!


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