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When my kids were little, I watched an episode with them of the television show Myth Busters.  They were talking on the show about motion sickness and was there anything that could help.  One of the options they tried was a homeopathic blend of presumably low potency remedies that were known to be helpful in situations of seasickness and other motion sickness. The homeopathic remedy blend didn’t fare too well.  No surprise.

As a homeopath, I know from 18+ years of experience that having the right remedy in the correct potency makes all the difference. Given that this is the time of year that people tend to sign up for ocean cruises or other vacations that may include a day trip on the ocean, I thought I would offer some better options than the blend that the coop might carry.

I have had many people contact me prior to their voyages for help.  I haven’t had a single person come back and report that nothing helped when following these instructions carefully.  There is just one caveat, however.  Traveling on the ocean is an unusual circumstance for those of us living in the landlocked Midwest.  More common than seasickness is motion sickness when traveling in an automobile.  I have found that some people can be helped with these seasickness remedies in a car as well.  However, most of the time, a good constitutional remedy is required for car sickness, as it is a frequent occurrence and is a more deeply seated dis-ease.  So go ahead and try these, but if your or your child’s car sickness does not improve, contact Lotus Homeopathy for a constitutional consult.

If you have experienced seasickness before, you may remember your symptoms and be able to determine which remedy you need prior to your next expedition.  But if you are not sure, it is probably a good value to get all the remedies and bring them all along.  Family members may need a different remedy than you do.

Seasickness Remedies

  • Nux Vomica

    It is often recommended to take a dose eight to ten hours before going upon the water. One dose is often frequently sufficient to prevent an attack.

  • Cocculus Indicus

    When with the nausea there is an extreme sensitiveness of smell; loathing of smoking–either you or another person; hunger, but no appetite. May be taken when there is headache with the nausea, and particularly if a sensation is felt as though the brains had been removed (yes, I actually do hear this stuff), accompanied with a tendency to vomit. Specific to back and forth motion like a swing, boat or carriage. Also use if vertigo remains after the voyage. Probably the most common remedy amongst my clients who have needed something for seasickness.

  • Petroleum

    Consider this remedy when there is chilliness on exposure to the open air, with great weakness, an appearance as of a veil before the sight, with buzzing in the ears, and a feeling of pressure in the stomach.

  • Arsenicum album

    Can be of very useful when the sickness is fully established, with severe nausea, violent vomiting, and that sensation of complete helplessness is experienced, with great weakness and prostration, great prostration, violent retching, burning sensation in the throat and stomach, which causes the patient to be completely indifferent to their surroundings. The patient should experience great chilliness before giving this remedy. Take this remedy during the intervals between vomiting, and it will almost always alleviate the symptoms mentioned above. After the severity of the paroxysms of vomiting have subsided, the nausea and giddiness are frequently removed by Tabacum or Cocculus.

  • Ipecachuanha

    Give this remedy when vomiting is present, but in a less aggravated form. In other words, not quite as debilitated as Arsenicum. Pain in the pit of the stomach also points to this remedy.

  • Nux Vomica and Arsenicum Album

    May be taken in alternation every two or three hours, particularly, when the symptoms are slight, or begin just after embarking.

  • Tabacum

    When the nausea is excessive, aggravated by the slightest motion of the head and body, and when the symptoms are relieved in the open air.

Dosing Information

The number of pellets per remedy is indicated on each bottle. Take the remedy as indicated above, or between each incidence of vomiting. If nausea is the only symptom, take every 2 to 3 hours, or as needed. It is okay to take more, if the effectiveness of it wears off in less that 2 to 3 hours. If there is the least perception that the remedy is helping, do not switch remedies until you have taken 3 to 4 doses. Click here for more information on taking homeopathic remedies.

I hope this helps you have a great vacation!  Bon Voyage! 

PS, credit for the Seasickness remedies goes to many homeopathic books and journals I have. Credit for the illustrations goes to: ID 119855252 © Kakigori | Dreamstime.com and ID 97814262 © Nadiabormotova | Dreamstime.com

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