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Winter Time Remedies

With the weather producing such dreadfully cold temperatures and windchills, (-25 actual temperature, -50 windchills) it seemed appropriate to address some cold weather concerns with some remedy ideas.  It is actually colder in Woodbury Minnesota than it is in Barrow, Alaska today. That is up near the Arctic Circle.  See the comparison in the photo.  Nuiqsut is the native name for Barrow.

So I went looking through my homeopathic literature to find some really good suggestions that had escaped my mind. I found the following symptom: Generals, Weariness, about the end of Winter at Spring. One remedy listed. Seriously? I get really weary at the end of winter. Can’t wait until spring by the end of winter! But I digress….

Exposure to the Cold

Aconite: This is a remedy for fevers that come on after a cold blast of arctic air. I had a friend who developed bacterial meningitis after an episode of weather like this. Aconite to the rescue. So if you or your child or a loved one or friend develop a sudden high fever in the next couple of days, and it is accompanied by a bit of fear of being so sick, give Aconite. A 200C potency is best, if you give what you have, and most people have 30c.

Arsenicum: People who need Arsenicum are generally always chilly. But if you feel really weak and chilly and can’t warm up after exposure to the cold, take a dose of Arsenicum 30c.

Calcarea Carbonicum: Calc carb is one of a dozen remedies that are helpful after exposure to a cold draft. This can easily happen, even if you are indoors. Choose Calc Carb if you can’t warm up and you are also sweaty from it. It’s peculiar, but it’s Calc Carb.

Mercurius Vivus: Mercurius is homeopathic mercury, so it is naturally sensitive to temperature. If you get exposed to a draft (again, you could be indoors) and develop other symptoms that may include perspiration, internal body temperatures going back and forth between hot and cold (blanket off, blanket on, etc.) and perhaps have a really bad sore throat or a metallic taste in the mouth, give Mercurius 30c a try.

If anyone tells you that getting cold doesn’t make you sick, or the weather has no impact, they haven’t talked to a homeopath about what they experience from their clients.


This goes beyond mere exposure to the cold.  This is very low body temperatures, shivering, slurred speech, memory loss.  You should seek medical care immediately if you experience this.  Call for help with remedies.


The best thing is to prevent frost bite by dressing appropriately. But in the event you still experience it, there are some good homeopathic remedy options to assist you.

Agaricus. This is the number one remedy for frostbite. The symptoms are itching, redness, burning and swelling. Worse from heat. Skin may look bluish red in spots. Tip of the nose may be red, with a bluish discoloration.

Pulsatilla: Swelling bluish, hot, with throbbing pains and intense itching, especially in soles of, after getting warm in bed.  Frostbitten toes, severe burning pain, bluish red swelling, hot to touch, with lack of sensation in affected parts.  You can expect the usual Pulsatilla mental symptoms of wanting company, to be held, comforted, etc.

Zinc: Frostbitten Nose, stinging, sharp pains from frost bite.

Calc Carb: Bunions that develop after a frostbite

Sulphur: Frostbite on people with corns on their toes.

Seek medical care if Frostbite is extreme.

Falling down on the ice

In Winter is always a danger of falling on slippery surfaces. The first remedy you should take is:

Arnica 200c. If you only have 30c, take it more often.

Seek medical care if you hit your head during a fall or if you have unusual or lasting pain. Then contact us for a remedy for concussion if you are diagnosed with this.

I hope you don’t need any of these suggestions, but if you do, I hope you find them helpful!


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