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Triggers seem to be an important issue these days, for people who throw around the term PTSD in place of a sensitivity or a bad memory, and for those who have been diagnosed with it and/or suffer deeply.

Regardless of the severity of the response to the trigger, homeopathy can definitely help.

I listened to Oprah interview Byron Katie this morning on her Super Soul Conversations podcast.  Ms. Katie says our thoughts dictate what our life will be about and that we can radically shift our stressful beliefs about our lives, other people and ourselves.

But this is not an easy task.

Fortunately, Homeopathy can help.

Homeopathy can change not only your thought patterns but your perceptions of what happened, what is currently  going on, and what you attract into your life.

In homeopathy we have a book called a repertory and in that repertory is a long list of symptoms and the remedies that help heal those symptoms.  There is a section called, Mind, Ailments From.  This is a basically a list of triggers.  They include:

  • Ailments from Embarrassment,
  • Ailments from Mortification,
  • Ailments from Abuse,
  • Ailments from Violence,
  • Ailments from Excitement.

The list goes on and on.

What clients usually report when they receive a well-matched remedy is one of the following:

  • They didn’t react the way they normally did to a triggering situation.
  • Or, they didn’t experience a situation to which they would normally react in a negative way.

You may remember the video and Blog post I wrote about the client who would develop migraines when things wouldn’t go as planned.  After the remedy, she said that yes, things were still getting interrupted or changed, but they just didn’t bother her as much as they used to.

Recently a child client who is doing well on his remedy had a pretty good check in appointment.  He is a child who likes to trigger other children when he would get disappointed.  Mom reported that he didn’t experience any disappointment, so he didn’t try to trigger others in his classroom.  Its unlikely that in six weeks those circumstances didn’t occur, given that they used to occur several days a week.  He just wasn’t attracting them to him anymore or he wasn’t triggered any longer, so no one noticed that they occurred.  While this isn’t a PTSD situation, it does demonstrate how triggers can be eliminated with a good remedy.

Feeling triggered a lot?  It’s a sign that it is time to work with a homeopathy at Lotus Homeopathy.  Schedule your appointment today!

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