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Were you ever a nail picker or a nail biter when you were young?

Maybe your mom even got something to put on your nails so they would taste bad and you would stop biting or picking your nails. If that worked, putting the toxic stuff on your nails, so the idea of biting your nails would be unattractive to you, you probably went on to fidget with something else, like your earrings, or your shirt or twirling your hair or something like that.

PTSD has some side symptoms.  It isn’t just a mental and emotional disease.  There are some physical symptoms that express what is going on mentally and emotionally as well, and one of those is picking and biting.  It is a set of symptoms that usually arises out of some sort of anxiety.

This blog will show how homeopathy can help that.

I looked in my homeopathic repertory and I looked up all the picking and biting symptoms.  There are about 25 remedies that help with picking your nails.  Another 40 that help with biting your nails. Others include:

  • Picking your lips;
  • Picking your lips until they bleed;
  • Picking your clothes, etc.
  • Biting your toenails.

There are probably a dozen or more symptoms that can be utilized to help find a remedy that can help not only that, but help the underlying anxiety that is causing you to be doing this picking and biting.

All this talk of remedies and symptoms may not mean much to you, but what it means is that we have LOTS of possibilities to help you!

In homeopathy, we find that we can’t just go by mental and emotional symptoms.  If there are some physical ones, such as the picking and biting, it can actually help us narrow in on a remedy easier.

When I looked at the remedies that show up in the symptoms, there are definitely high anxiety remedies that show up, but there are also remedies, for example that have a high level of guilt.  People feel guilty about something that they have done or were unable to do.

Homeopathy is definitely an option for dealing with picking and biting nails whether you have PTSD or not.

Real Life Experience

My son came into this world being kind of an anxious little kids.  When we found a remedy for him that calmed his anxiety, and his perspiration and all the other symptoms that came with it, I noticed that his nails were growing out. I actually had to buy him a nail clipper and show him how to do it.

He had been peeling back his nails his whole life.  It definitely helped him.  He had to learn a new behavior.  But it was pretty easy for him because he had no reason to be biting or picking his nails anymore.

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