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So you recently, or not so recently, got a diagnosis of PTSD. And if that wasn’t enough, shortly after, you developed chronic Hives.  Overnight, it seems like you suddenly can’t eat foods that you have been eating your whole life without breaking out from them.

If you go to the doctor, they will tell you to take antihistamines, which, eventually, will stop working.  That’s after they give you a bunch of tests to see if you have Lyme disease or allergies.  If you are lucky, someone will suggest a low histamine diet, which may or may not help.  Or you could get a shot every 4-6 weeks that costs $1500 if insurance doesn’t cover it.

Basically, you will be told you have chronic idiopathic urticaria.  And you will keep scratching and itching. Itching and scratching.  (Idiopathic means that they have no idea what the cause is.)

In homeopathy, we do know the cause.

It is a congested liver.

A congested liver means that you have been

  • eating too much sugar,
  • drinking too much alcohol,
  • stressing your liver with medications or life,
  • or, getting exposed to environmental toxins, etc.

(Congested liver could also mean that you have blood collecting in your liver which could be a sign of a heart condition. But we will deal with the other congestion issues in this article.)

Your liver is responsible for filtering out toxins in the body, but the more you are exposed to them, the less able your liver is to function efficiently.  Even if you do a liver detox, drink dandelion tea, and take Milk Thistle daily, it doesn’t mean that you are really detoxing.  Maybe your detox pathways are completely blocked.

Why do the hives and other skin conditions such as rashes and rosacea show up with a congested liver?  Because the body can’t detox through the liver when it is so congested. Instead, it attempts to detox through the skin and it shows up in the form of skin conditions like hives (urticaria) and rashes.

What Can Homeopathy Do?

I wrote a blog post earlier about Your Liver, PTSD & Anger.  Be sure and give it a read.  There is even a quiz in there to see if you have Liver issues.  There is also a success story. All that is in that article applies here too.

I have a client who, out of the blue, developed a rash on her body and had jaundiced eyes.  All signs of liver ailments. As I said in the above referenced article, western medicine has nothing to offer liver problems that aren’t hepatitis.  When she was sent home to rest and recover, who knows what may have happened.  I gave her a homeopathic therapeutic liver remedy.  It helped tremendously. With the homeopathic remedy she was improving within a couple of doses.  Thank heavens for homeopathy!

If you have unexplainable hives and rashes, I would approach them as a liver issue and start with a remedy that is therapeutic for the liver. That would help heal the liver and open up the detoxification routes. Once we did that for three weeks, we would move onto a holistic, constitutional remedy to deal with all your health issues, mental, emotional and physical.

Tired of scratching and avoiding your favorite foods?  Homeopathy can heal your congested liver, your PTSD, and any other problems too! Just schedule a complementary consult to ask questions.  If you want to get started, schedule an Initial Consult today.

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