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Doesn’t it just irritate you when you can’t get negative thoughts out of your head?


One of the most common mental/emotional symptoms of PTSD and CPTSD is Intrusive Negative Thoughts.  This simply means that you have negative thoughts that creep into your mind about yourself and your abilities.  This is an expression of your lack of self-confidence.  This could come on from a true failure or it could have come on from a parent or a teacher or a boss who told you that weren’t good enough.

The thoughts could also be something that scares you.  These thoughts could have come from a dangerous situation, which is often a cause of PTSD as well.

What is a Person To Do About These Intrusive, Negative Thoughts?

What do these thoughts do?  They:

  • Crowd around in your brain
  • Prevent you from thinking positively about yourself and your situation
  • Scare you

The standard way to deal with these is to go to a therapist or a counselor and learn some skills that will enable you to banish those intrusive, negative thoughts.

You might take EMDR training from a therapist, which can take quite a while to get to the point where you aren’t having those intrusive, negative thoughts anymore.

What we really want to do is not have to spend so much time and energy managing your thoughts.

Bonus Outcome!

I recall a client whose biggest complaint was anxiety.  She wanted to follow the rules and was anxious if she didn’t.

I gave her a remedy that changed the way she felt about having to follow the rules.  The result was that her anxiety was far less than it had been.  She commented that she had so much time on her hands.  She hadn’t realized how much time worrying about things was taking up.  She had a couple free hours every day and didn’t know what to do with them.

That was an amazing expression of the healing power of a well chosen homeopathic remedy.

Getting to the bottom of your anxiety or your thoughts is the goal of homeopathy, rather than having to manage your symptoms.  Who wouldn’t want more time?

Participate In a PTSD and Homeopathy Study

If you are interested in having your intrusive, negative thoughts disappear, and have more time on your hands, you are in luck!  Right now there is a PTSD and Homeopathy study going on.  You can participate at no cost to you, except for the cost of the remedies.

To participate in the PTSD and Homeopathy Study, click here and schedule a PTSD Study Information appointment.  Or, if you wish to skip that step, join the Healing PTSD Naturally Facebook group and look in the Files section.  Download the application, follow the instructions and we will see if you qualify.

PS, We really need men in the study!

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