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PTSD and CPTSD can really mess up brain function.  Can you be helped?


Do you have problems remembering what you were going to do, just did or just said, from moment to moment?

Do you have a hard time getting started on projects?

Have you forgotten events in which you recently participated?

These are very common problems with PTSD and CPTSD. There has been a lot of research on this that has been conducted and published as early as the 1990’s.  It has been shown through this research to be associated with PTSD.

What does conventional medicine offer a sufferer of PTSD who has these symptoms?

And even more importantly, what does homeopathy have to offer?

Conventional Offerings

What conventional medicine offers is the ability to train your brain to memorize things and remember better.  They also have drugs for it, especially for the attention aspect of it.  Drugs are often recommended if you can’t remember because you can’t focus on what is going on or what you are reading or watching. They also claim to help you keep things straight and organized with medication.

These sound a lot like ADHD symptoms, don’t they?

Your two options then are training, which takes a long time manifest in results, and are often imperfect, and you have drugs, which have their own sets of side effects.


You Could Use Homeopathy

Homeopathy has hundreds of remedies for memory loss under all sorts of different circumstances. But the most important question about that is, have I actually seen it work myself?

The answer is yes, I have seen it work.

I have a client who is a military veteran who came to see me with PTSD.  She complained that she just couldn’t function well in the world.  My client wanted to get things done but couldn’t figure out where to start because she was completely overwhelmed.  She couldn’t remember what to do from one minute to the next.  It was a difficult circumstance for her.

The picture to the right is one she showed me. (I modified it to reflect homeopathy.)  She thought it explained her perfectly.

She wanted to be the person on the left that she used to be.  At the time of her first appointment, she was the person on the right.

I took her case, including her mental symptoms, but, as always in homeopathy, considered her entire slate of symptoms.  As a homeopath, I want the remedy to reflect the whole person, not just one or two symptoms. Within four weeks of taking that remedy, she was functioning like she used to be.  She had to repeat the remedy once, but within three months or so we were onto a different remedy because she simply didn’t need that remedy anymore.

You probably wouldn’t get that fast a result with any kind of brain training that conventional medicine might offer.  It is questionable whether you would get that good a result with any type of medication.

Would like to improve your memory, decision making and focus naturally?

If you are interested in healing rather than drugs, you are in luck!

I am conducting a Four Month PTSD and Homeopathy study in which you can participate, at no cost to you except for the remedies (which are inexpensive).

To apply, join our Facebook Group, Healing PTSD Naturally, and download the application from the Files section of the group. Those who are not on Facebook can email us using the form on the Contact Us page and let us know you’d like an application.  If you have questions, please click here to schedule a PTSD Study Information appointment.

And, as always, please share this blog with anyone whom you think it would help!


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