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For many people, PTSD begins with an incident that resulted in feeling shocked.  Generally, it was an unexpected occurrence—perhaps a major incident such as the Oklahoma City Bombing, or 9/11 terrorist attacks, or the sudden death of a family member or friend, a natural disaster, or it could even be a near death car accident.  Often the initial response is to feel shock or fear or a combination of both.

The best thing to do in these circumstances, where there is a shock to the system, is to see a homeopath right away.  Some symptoms may just pass on their own eventually, but if they don’t, and you can continue to wait until they do, the symptoms may become entrenched and you could develop PTSD.

PTSD from 9/11

A colleague in NYC shared a story about treating a client from the after-effects of the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers.  This client came to see him at least a year after the incident.  Homeopaths most commonly gave the remedy Aconite to their patients who sought care immediately. This is a remedy for fear that your life is going to end NOW!  (See this blog post.)

But this client didn’t need Aconite.  He needed a different remedy called Stramonium. The fear became more specific over time, and it matched the fears of Stramonium, which are more personal than the fears of Aconite, with the danger being directed specifically at the person who needs the remedy.

After taking the Stramonium remedy for a time, then the more general fears of dying showed up.  It was as if a fear and anxiety layer was built up over time, and it became a Stramonium layer.  Once Stramomium removed that layer, then the Aconite picture became clear to the homeopath, the remedy was prescribed and over time, the client was healed of his PTSD.  It turns out that the client actually did seek homeopathic care earlier, was prescribed Aconite, but DID NOT take the remedy!!!  When he returned, he needed a different, deeper remedy.

Long Distance Effects of Shock and Fear

I remember 9/11 very well.  I was far removed from it, but I still needed a remedy to deal with the faces of evil people I kept seeing in my sleep.  My homeopath recommended Phosphorus for me.  It isn’t likely I would have ever developed PTSD from it, as I was a half a country away from the epicenter of the attack.  But I still needed to take a remedy to enable me to sleep.

Your proximity to the incident and how much it directly affected you certainly impact the likelihood of developing PTSD.  But there are no hard and fast rules on this.  Just to be sure, I’d call the homeopath at Lotus Homeopathy.

Shock Remedies To Prevent PTSD

There are also a number of remedies that homeopaths consider when someone’s initial response to an incident is one of shock.  This is very common with an unexpected death, with Ignatia being the number one remedy recommended for this type of situation. Certainly it could also be the response to abuse, especially if it comes from someone who has never been that way towards you in the past.

I recall a client who, three years after the fact, was still shocked by the abusive response he got from his family to a letter he wrote.  (His didn’t turn into PTSD, because it wasn’t the sort of thing that likely would.).  He got a remedy for shock because, well, he was still shocked!

Being directly affected by an incident and not treating it homeopathically can cause the symptoms to become entrenched in the body, causing mental, emotional, and eventually, physical dis-ease.

Would you like to see if you have a layer or two related to your PTSD?

Right now Lotus Homeopathy is conducting a four month pilot study to determine the effectiveness of homeopathy on PTSD and CPTSD.  This will enable you to get four months of homeopathic care for no charge, except for the remedies (which are not expensive at all).

To apply, join our Facebook Group, Healing PTSD Naturally, and download the application from the Files section of the group. Those who are not on Facebook can email us using the form on the Contact Us page and let us know you’d like an application.  If you have questions, please click here to schedule a PTSD Study Information appointment.

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