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SInce my last post on Ketamine for PTSD, some more information has come out.  It is important to share it.

It seems that the outcomes of three studies on the safety and effectiveness of Ketamine for PTSD are questionable.  Two of the three studies did not show positive outcomes and showed increased suicidal tendencies.

In approving this drug, the FDA abandoned it’s decades long guideline that a drug must have two successful trials before it is approved.  Their explanation?  “It’s not unreasonable.”  Hmmm.  I could never get by with that explanation of homeopathy that way.

Here Are Some More Questionable Outcomes

  • The trials did not show that the drug was effective on those over 65 (52% of the VA’s patients) or possibly even not effective on males (90% of the VA’s patients).
  • Six people died during the trials compared to Zero deaths by the placebo.  Three were suicides.  The drug is supposed to be taking that suicide number the opposite direction.
  • People cannot drive for 24 hours after getting the infusion due to sleepiness, blood pressure increases, hallucinations, etc.  (Please see my previous article for more side effects.)
  • Influence by POTUS seems to have sped up the process of approving this for use in VA hospitals and clinics.

Please read the entire article from which this summary came to learn more.  Given how suspicious it all sounds, I think you will decide to stay away from Ketamine.  Use homeopathy instead.

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