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Climate Change is real.  It is upon us.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of dire predictions of what this could mean to the human race and other life on earth. Flooding, land loss, drought, fire, long winters, cool summers, warm winters, hot summers.  It just depends on where you live, I suppose, what the outcome of the climate change is.

One thing that rarely, if ever,  gets brought up is the impact Climate Change can have on the mental and emotional health of those who are impacted by the worst of it.

On one end of the spectrum, we will likely grumble more about the weather.  “Hot enough for you?”  “Cold enough for you?” Yours truly will be posting more blog posts about how it is colder in MN than it is at the Arctic Circle.  Those minor things like being too cold or too hot, we can probably deal with.

But the severe weather patterns are more concerning. The natural disasters that come about (think Puerto Rico, New Orleans, any number of midwestern towns flattened by tornados, fires due to drought) can shake one to the core.  This is where people experience near death or where they witness loved ones dying, and they sit by helplessly watching, unable to assist. All of these experiences, over time, can develop into PTSD.

What Can Homeopathy Do To Help?

Homeopathy has an amazing track record in helping the physical injuries that may occur—sunburn, windburn, frost bite, bumps and bruises, broken bones, etc.  That is not what this blog post addresses.

The emotional outcome of a natural disaster needs addressing too.  So many people just figure they will be okay.  Or they are in a bit of shock and the reality of the situation just hasn’t sunk in yet.  Others are grieving from the onset of the disaster. Homeopathy also heals on the mental and emotional level too.

Here’s How You Can Help

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about how not treating a shocking situation could easily make it develop into PTSD.  But there are some remedies to keep on hand to help in the event of a natural disaster.  Homeopathic remedies are definitely in my Accident and Emergency kit.

Arnica:  Arnica is a remedy for physical trauma but also emotional trauma.  The key here is a physical trauma about which the victim thinks they are “just fine”.  They are in denial that they are hurt.  Give Arnica in a 200C potency as soon as possible.  If they say they don’t need it, then they definitely do.

Aconite:  Aconite is for near death situations, where you can’t get over the feeling that you are about to die.  It may appear at similar times.  For example, you slide on the ice, you nearly get hit by a semi-truck, but you slide into the ditch and avoid being killed. Then, each winter, you panic about driving in the winter.  Or, perhaps a tornado moves through and wipes out your house, while you are huddling in the basement listening to what sounds like a train. Every time there is a tornado watch, panic returns.

Ignatia:  Ignatia is a remedy for grief associated with shock.  Certainly, you would grieve the death of a loved one in a sudden (or even not so sudden) death situation. Let’s say you lost your house.  At first, you might be trying to convince yourself that it’s only a house.  We have insurance. We are all alive.  But then it hits you….You lost your house.  You need to grief that loss as well.  You might even experience some guilty feelings about a loss and Ignatia can help that as well.

Aurum:  If someone dies or is seriously injured and you felt it was your responsibility to keep them safe and you weren’t able to do that.  You feel as though you neglected your duty.

Take the above remedies in a 200c dose as soon as possible.  You may need to repeat once a day for a few days.  Follow these instructions for taking remedies.

If you are able to take these remedies sooner rather than later, you may be able to prevent PTSD from setting in, and all that goes with it.

What Next?

If you have PTSD and it has settled in for a time, you will need to work with the qualified, trained, professional homeopath at Lotus Homeopathy (me) to overcome it.  I will find a remedy that matches your symptoms and once you have taken the remedy your body will heal itself.

I am currently conducting a pilot study of PTSD and Homeopathy.  If you would like to apply, join my Facebook Group, Healing PTSD Naturally.  Go to the Files section of the group and download the application.  Follow the instructions from there.

If you are not on Facebook and would like to be part of the study, please alert me through the Contact Us page, using the form at the bottom of the page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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