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When practitioners choose a type of specialty, there is often a personal reason that they have chosen it. Perhaps a family member really struggled with a particular pathology, or the may have even passed because of it.  The practitioner may have also had an experience related to their specialty.  I had a friend long ago who became a podiatrist due to having so many foot related problems herself.

Personally, I was not in the military (but do have family who were and currently are), nor am I a first responder (although I am trained as a certified First Responder by the Red Cross).  My PTSD story is on a video in my PTSD group, Healing PTSD Naturally.

But still, the PTSD others have is far worse than my experience.

Why The Connection?

I considered many options, based on my experience and the types of clients I enjoyed working with the most.  Certainly kids with autism and women with menopausal symptoms are also at the top of my list.

But when it came down to it, I remembered some advice I got many years ago.  When trying to figure out what type of volunteer work I most wanted to do, someone said, choose the thing that most pulls at your heartstrings; the thing that you would find the most intolerable if you were in that situation. I thought that advice could be applied to this.

For me, that would have to be PTSD and CPTSD.  To be so traumatized that you would want to end your life is just unthinkable. We can’t allow people to suffer like that. Something has to change.

Homeopathy is the change!

Can you imagine risking your life for your country and coming home with PTSD?  What about putting your life on the line as police officers do, or rescuing or tending to sick people as emergency medical practitioners do?  A lot of people do get injured on the job, but this is a particular type of injury most people don’t think about or anticipate.

I became a homeopath due to the amazing mental and emotional healing that comes about because of well matched homeopathic remedies. The idea that I could do my own small part to lower the number of suicides per day by our vets (22—for real!), and first responders was really rewarding to all involved. It seemed like the perfect place to focus my problem solving capabilities and my tendency towards advocacy.

But Wait, There’s More

If you are reading this on my Facebook Group Healing PTSD Naturally, then you may have taken the time to read the Group Manifesto.  But in the even you did not, please read below.  It gives you a sense of who I am, and what the group is about.  With a few tweaks, it is also what my homeopathy practice is about as well.

The word Manifesto can bring up all sorts of negative connotations.  Just to clarify, the definition from Dictionary.com is:  a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization.

Healing PTSD Naturally Facebook Group Manifesto

I believe:
-That the body has the ability to heal itself.
-That we can teach the body to heal itself, given the correct lesson.
-That Homeopathy provides those lessons on healing, with the help of a skilled practitioner.
-That Homeopathy is the deepest, most profound form of healing.

I want to:
-Have a huge, positive impact on the world.
-Know my life was meaningful in the end.
-Make the world a better place to live, for people individually and for humankind as a whole.
-Help to heal those suffering from unspeakable harm and traumatic experiences.

I know this to be true:
-We choose the life we have, but we often need help making better choices.
-We should make sure that the things we do to feel better in the short term don’t make us feel worse in the long term.
-We have the power internally to make our lives the way we want them to be.
-We are more than just what has happened to us.
-We are more than the worst decision we ever made.
-We are more than the worst thing that we have ever done.
-Homeopathy can help move past those events that happened to us, or that we created unintentionally.

Join the PTSD Study

If you haven’t joined my Facebook Group Healing PTSD Naturally yet, please do so. If you are former military or a first responder suffering from PTSD, please join our study by downloading the application from the Files section of the group pages

If you are not on Facebook, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and I will email you an application.

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