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When someone hurts us, whether it is an insult hurled at us or someone cheats in their marriage, or a parent tells you that you are worthless, the first thing our brain does is make up a story about it.

  • “They don’t respect me,” which can morph into “I am not respect worthy.”
  • “He doesn’t love me,” which can change into thinking “I am not loveable.”
  • “She thinks I don’t know anything,” which transforms into “I am not smart.”

There are countless ways we provide explanations to ourselves when something emotionally painful occurs so that we can protect ourselves.  So that we can actually survive.

But all the while we are doing this, we are turning away from the pain.  But in order to heal, we need to turn into the pain.  We need to be vulnerable and face it.

Catch The Pole

I heard a story on Minnesota Public Radio today (8/19/19) about a man who at the beginning of his career was installing telephone poles into the ground.  This was an older gentleman who was, at the time of this job, in his twenties.  He was being tutored by an old timer who had done this for many years.

The old timer told the newbie to watch for poles falling before they were properly set.  The Newbie said that he would run away if he saw a pole falling.  The old timer told him not to do that.  That he needed to face the pole and catch it, for if he ran away, the pole could fall on him and break his back.

He likened this instruction to turning into what hurts you, or “leaning in” to the pain.  If you don’t, you could break your proverbial back, or worse.

Homeopathy:  Leaning into the Pain

Homeopathy literally means “similar suffering.”  When we give a remedy that heals, we know that giving that same remedy to a healthy person has brought those same symptoms out in the healthy person.  This is called a proving.

The remedy contains the symptoms you already have.  By revealing the symptoms in the case taking process, and then taking the remedy, you are forced to lean into the problem.  If you don’t, or cannot, lean into the problem, the remedy selected for you is less likely to be effective because the homeopath doesn’t have enough information.

Think about going to a good counselor.  You are probably going to feel worse before you are feeling better, because talking about your problems stirs up all sorts of emotions.  When you take a well matched homeopathic remedy, the ultimate counselor, you are getting a dose of what you already have, similar to talking about your problems.  How do you know you are leaning into the pain?  Because you get a mental/emotional aggravation.  You feel worse for a short time before the healing begins.

I can remember many times, as my need for a new remedy appeared, taking it and feeling quite miserable for 24 hours. In fact, as I wrote this blog post, I was feeling a bit aggravated by a higher potency of my remedy. But I could tolerate it because I knew that by turning toward the pain, facing it, would heal it rather than suppressing it.

Whether you have PTSD, CPTSD, some other mental/emotional anguish, or have physical symptoms, facing the pain with homeopathy, rather than suppressing it with pharmaceuticals will help you heal.

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