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Once you hit perimenopause, all sorts of issues related to bones can break out (pun intended).

Osteoporosis is the one issue women and their doctors get most worried about.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, early menopause (before age 45) or any long phases where a woman has low hormone levels, such as while nursing a baby, and no or infrequent menstrual cycles are likely to cause loss of bone mass.  Once menopause hits, there is a shift in the ratio of making bone to breaking down bone in the body due to lack of estrogen.

It is a realistic concern.  It is also doubly concerning because you often don’t know you have osteoporosis until you break a bone.

Doctors will recommend something like Fosamax to build more bone.  The problem with those medications is that they rescue dead bone (the result of the natural breaking down of bone as women age) and put it back into your bones.  So they may be less porous than they were before the Fosamax, but they are also brittle. It is not healthy bone.  And don’t even get me started on the other side effects, especially on the digestive system.

Weight Bearing Exercise

Doctors also recommend weight bearing exercise to help build bone.  Harvard University Medical School reports the following outcomes of studies:

  • Putting extra stress on the bones from lifting weights increases calcium production and “nudges” bone forming cells to produce more bone.
  • Weight bearing Aerobic exercise can also do that, but you do have to move quickly for it to be effective.
  • Only those bones that bear the weight will benefit.

What Can Homeopathy Do?

There is a special category of homeopathic remedies called Cell Salts, or Schuessler’s Tissue Salts.  The story behind them is that Dr. Schuessler (1821-1898), a homeopathic physician, discovered that when the body decomposes, there are 12 tissue salts that remain.  Those 12 salts make up the Cell Salts used in homeopathy.  They are generally very low potency remedies, 6x or 9x or 12x.

There are two Cell Salt remedies in particular that are helpful in helping the body make its own bone tissue.  (Healthy tissue, not brittle tissue).  They are Calc Phos and Calc Fluor.  They are components of bone, so it makes sense that they would also help the body build bone.

How Should You Use Them?

Elastic Combo can increase flexibility.I recommend that you buy both of these cell salts in 6x potency.  That is the easiest to find as well. (Over time you may want to increase to 9x.) Take one dose per day, alternating them every other day.  To learn how to take remedies, click here.

That is it.  It is that simple.  I have had many clients over the years use Cell Salts when they are diagnosed with osteoporosis or have a low bone density test results.  It will take a few months of taking regularly to build the bone.  But, like my clients, your doctor will be able to tell you that it is working by doing a new bone density test.

BTW, even if you are choosing to use the homeopathic cell salts for bone growth, you should still do the weight bearing exercise.

Bone Spurs

As we age, we can develop Bone Spurs.  They can also develop when we are younger, because they develop in areas of inflammation from injuries and also from degenerative osteo arthritis.

The BONUS of using the Calc Phos/Calc Fluor 6x protocol is that it also works on bone spurs.  I have had athletic clients use this protocol to get rid of bone spurs.

Beneficial Cell Salt Combo Remedies

Elastic Combo can increase flexibility.

Instead of taking the Calc Phos/Calc Fluor 6x protocol, there is a combination option called Elastic (also called Tissue Salt G).  Many of the Cell Salts are combined and can be taken together.  The Elastic combo is really great for aging, for both men and women.  It includes Calc Phos, Calc Fluor, Natrum Muriaticum and Kali Phos.  It is great for ailments due to aging, repair, growth and injuries.  It makes you feel more flexible as well.  All of these are readily available online, but the ones sold at www.cellsaltstissuesaltsworld.com are high quality.  We also sell them at Lotus Homeopathy. They are equally as good and taste better! If you choose this option, just take one dose per day.

I hope that you will find some of these suggestions to be useful in healing your menopause/aging related bone symptoms.

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