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When Success Stories are shared on my Lotus Homeopathy Facebook page or in Groups or a blog post or even in an email, I don’t often share the remedies that were helpful.

It is always the First Question asked. Which remedy was it?

The short answer to Why I rarely reveal remedies is this:

In Homeopathy, Diagnosis Does Not Equal Prescription.

As much as people might try to use homeopathy that way, it simply doesn’t work that way.  If I told you a remedy that worked for someone and you decided to take it and it didn’t work, then you are more likely to think that homeopathy doesn’t work.


If it does have an impact, what if it aggravates your symptoms and you return to your old state without an improvement?  Aggravation with no amelioration is NOT the goal of homeopathy.  You are more likely to think that homeopathy doesn’t work.

It is also important to note that there are some very personal details of people’s lives that get revealed in an interview.  When I report the success, I am not revealing the background reason I chose the remedy.  And I don’t feel like I can do that. It’s too personal. That’s not what I get permission to do.

What Would Samuel Hahnemann Do?

Guess who else didn’t share which remedy healed which diagnosis?  That’s right, Dr. Hahnemann, the founder and developer of the principals of homeopathy.

In his writing it only shows up twice, according to a renowned homeopath, with whom I recently had the opportunity to study.

Why?  Because he knew that people would try to treat the disease instead of the person.  In homeopathy, we treat the person, not the disease.

Choosing A Remedy Is Hard Work

There is a lot of background and behind the scenes work that goes into choosing a remedy.  It’s what I went to homeopathy school to learn how to do and what I continue to learn about in other courses I have taken in the years since graduating.

So if you are looking to solve a health problem seeing a homeopath is the best option.  Is it possible that a remedy that you read about in a brief Facebook post is the one for you?  Sure.

But, given the sheer number of remedies for certain symptoms, it is more likely than not that it will be the WRONG remedy.

So as much as you would like to know, it is quite meaningless, because you don’t know the background story.  And taking the wrong remedy won’t help you or homeopathy.

If you would like Homeopathy to help your symptoms, schedule an Initial Consult Today!  Get started on the road to health. 

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