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Not tonight dear, I have a headache.

Headaches are probably the most common dis-ease suffered by humans.  There are many types of headaches, and many jokes about headaches.

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But only women suffer from monthly hormonal headaches.  These can range from mild pressure around the head to migraines. The excuse above, that is often the punchline of jokes, is true.

There is a long history of homeopathy helping with all sorts of women’s health issues, and headaches are no exception. (An interesting side note, is that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder and developer of the principals of homeopathy, did provings on women as well as men. This was over 200 years ago. Conventional medicine, meanwhile, has only included women in their studies in significant numbers in the last 20 years or so. Rules to include women in such studies were developed in 1985. It’s really pretty pathetic that it has taken so long.  But I digress.)

Homeopathy For The Win!

Over the years, I have helped many women and teenaged girls with hormonal headaches. Most recently, a 42 year old woman in my PTSD and Homeopathy study suffered with PMS headaches monthly, along with CPTSD on a daily basis.

One of the great things about homeopathy is that one remedy helps all that ails you, so you don’t have to be taking this pill in the morning and these two at lunch and that one before bed.  Homeopathy is pretty much the ultimate “holistic” medicine, in that one remedy helps the whole person.

Meanwhile, by client was improving month by month with her CPTSD.  She wasn’t anxious all the time.
She was much happier and smiled more.
She was standing up for herself.
She was better able to tolerate her abusive mother.

However, after a couple months, she still had a slight headache before her period.  But at her third follow up appointment, after three cycles, and only two doses of her remedy, she didn’t have a headache before her period.  The first time in probably her whole adult life.

This is typical with homeopathy.  When there are symptoms associated with the monthly cycle, it can take 3-4 cycles for the symptoms to be healed.  Not bad for a life-time symptom.  It is also not unusual for the most limiting symptom to improve first.  Her headaches were for a short time each month.  Her CPTSD was a 24/7 symptom.  So the fact that it improved first was not a surprise.

Many Possible Remedies That Can Help

In looking up the number of remedies in the Homeopathic Repertory of Symptoms for head pain before Menses, 133 remedies appear.  I can guarantee that the remedy I gave my client mentioned above is not in this list. There are also remedies for head pain during menses (190), end of menses (11) and after menses (45). The symptoms get more specific, for example, the quality of pain and the exact location of the head pain.

You may wonder how I gave my client a remedy that didn’t cover her PMS symptoms.  I was able to do this because her remedy was quite unusual and not well known.  But it covered her mental/emotional state of her CPTSD, and with my experience as a homeopath, I knew that her PMS symptoms would get better too.

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