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This was written with the intention of posting on Veteran’s Day.  Unfortunately, I was having technical difficulties, so it didn’t get published.  Mercury is in retrograde….

Today is Veteran’s Day, 2019. You may have noticed a number of ways Veteran’s have been honored over the weekend, not including the Veteran’s Day Sales at various retail establishments. The NFL had several segments honoring military during the weekend games. I attended the big Minnesota Golden Gopher win over Penn State in College Football this weekend and got to witness the marching band creating different formations representing the various branches of the armed services.  These included a tank, a fighter jet, an aircraft carrier and others.  It was quite impressive! (Here is a link if you’d like to see it for yourself.  https://youtu.be/w_QDQs17iog)

When Did Veteran’s Day Start?

The origins of Veteran’s day was November 11, 1919, which was called Armistice Day.  This day was the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Over the years, the annual observance has changed. Congress made it an official observation in 1926, and in 1938 it became a national holiday. Veteran’s day gives honor to all veterans, living or dead, who served their country during war or peace time.

After many decades of observing November 11, Veteran’s Day became a Monday holiday, starting in 1971, after the passage of the Uniform Holidays bill in 1968 that created a number of Monday Holidays.

But quickly, in 1975, President Gerald Ford returned Veteran’s Day to November 11 due to the historical significance of the date.  This date, or a day around this date, is also honored by our allies in Great Britain, France, Australia and Canada. In Europe, Great Britain and Commonwealth countries, two minutes of silence is observed at 11 a.m. on November 11th.

How Many Vets Have PTSD?

As of 2018, there were 18.2 million living veterans in the US who served during at least one war!  Wow!  That is a very large number of people protecting our freedoms. And of course, many additional have died during their service or after their service.According to the Veteran’s Administration, the number of Veterans with PTSD varies by where and when they served.

  • Among those who served in Iraq, 11-20% have suffered from PTSD.
  • The number is 12% for those who served in Desert Storm.
  • For those serving in Vietnam, the number over time was as high as 30% with the number currently diagnosed being estimated at 15%.

Again, that is a large number of people who are suffering needlessly.  In addition, many of those veterans with PTSD are committing suicide at an astounding rate.  The exact number is difficult to determine, but it is estimated that 22 veterans commit suicide daily. Some studies say it could be more.  Others say it could be less.  Regardless of the correct number, something must be done about this.  https://msrc.fsu.edu/news/media-misleads-military-veterans-suicide-study

What Does This Have To Do With Homeopathy?

Anyone who knows me knows that while I am supportive of honoring vets, moms, dads, and other groups of people, I am also a problem solver. To really honor vets, it seems important to do something that solves problems with which they struggle. With so many vets suffering from PTSD (If the 22 per day is correct, that is one every 65 minutes!), I felt that something needed to be done. So Lotus Homeopathy conducted a PTSD and Homeopathy study and it included several veterans.

So far lives have been changed.  PTSD symptoms have been reduced dramatically.  Families have benefited from veterans being healed.


If you have PTSD and are a Veteran (and even if you aren’t) Homeopathy can help you recover from your trauma.  Join our Facebook Group to learn more about how homeopathy can help you!

Then schedule an appointment today to get started on your recovery from PTSD tomorrow!


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