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Many people try to make New Year’s resolutions each year.  By the end of January, they can’t remember what they were. The last several years, I have chosen a word of the year and focused on that rather than making New Year’s Resolutions. It is like setting your intention for the year. It is less about specific goals, and more about how to live your life.

I have written my word of the year down, meditated on it, and generally had it visible so I can remember. I even put it on the lock screen of my iPhone, so I see it constantly! Whenever I felt a little off, or unfocused, I bring up my word of the year.  It helps to reset my intention.

The Year 2020 becomes especially important for setting a word of the year, because it is also a new decade!

My Word of the Year 2020 Is….

In 2019, my word was IMPACT!  Did it help?  Boy did it ever.  I have helped more folks than ever with Homeopathy, starting with the PTSD study, which is winding down.  IMPACT will continue to impact me and the world around me well into 2020.

There are long term benefits for all words of the year, but each year, I choose a new one.

For 2020, I cheated a little bit.  I chose a phrase, three words long.  My phrase of the year for 2020?

Drum roll please…..

Just See It! 

There are so many things we don’t see in our lives, and if we just see them, our lives will be better.  It could be truths about ourselves, others, the world in general.  For me, it will help see the story my clients are telling me.  But mostly, I think we don’t see the core of ourselves, so the focus will be there.  Seeing our own core helps us see others and the world in a way that is more accurate.  If you “just see it,” our emotions interfere less with our lives.

Choosing Your Own Word For 2020

Have you decided on a Word of the Year yet?  How does one choose?

For me, it just came up.  Each year. This year, it came up during a conversation with a friend. If you set an intention for finding your Word of the Year, you will recognize it.  You will “just see it!”

Once you have chosen your word, one that seems right to you, set your intention for 2020.  Write it down.  Take a picture of it.  Make a meme.  Create a video for yourself and what your Word of the Year means to you.  There are many ways to set your intention on a regular basis with your Word of The Year!

I think the Word of the Year is a great activity for your family on New Years Day!

If you would like to share your word of the year, click reply and let me know what it is.  Or, share it on Facebook along with this blog post!  Get your friends involved!

Happy New Year to all and many thanks for those who have trusted me with their homeopathic care!

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