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In January of 2020, I got sick.  Really sick.  I can barely remember some of the days.  I was completely checked out.  Resting. Tired.  Didn’t feel like making a meal.

Here is the background.  My husband and I went on a trip to Egypt in December.  While there, I picked up a cold.  I was just getting over it and still had some symptoms, when I woke up on January 11th with new cold symptoms.  So I had new symptoms from the beginning of a “cold” and old symptoms from the end of a cold.  It was very strange.  It didn’t really fit my history.

I took Aconite 30c for the new symptoms, hoping to keep them at bay.  Eventually I went through a handful of remedies during those 2.5 weeks, and on February 1, I spent the day on the couch, determined to get over it.

I actually was pretty concerned during those couple of weeks.  I eat healthy.  Exercise. Take vitamins. Take remedies.  I felt like I was infinitely more sick that I should have been and was concerned about why.  It just didn’t make sense to me.  I was, frankly, feeling “old”—that I was aging much more rapidly than I should have.

Fast Forward to March.  All this talk of CoVid 19.  A discussion with a friend who missed 7-8 days of work during that same time period with “the flu”.  (They didn’t test her.)  She was so bad, they put her on an inhaler. I had an ah-ha moment and since then, have been convinced that what I experienced is CoVid 19.

Towards the end of March, I had the opportunity to mention this to a handful of General Practice docs.  They all had clinics full of sick people in January who didn’t test positive to influenza or strep.  What was going on in Minnesota in January and early February?  Why were people so sick? As one doc put it, there was something going on in Minnesota, and people were getting really sick from something, and no one knew why.

I guess we will never know, because obviously, there were no CoVid 19 test kit at that time.  But there are now antibody tests, so it would be interesting to take one.

What Is Being Recommended by Homeopaths?

There are things you can do to lessen your chances of getting really sick from CoVid 19.

If you feel like you are coming down with a cold, perhaps a sore throat and a cough, take a dose of Aconite 30c, 3-4 times a day.  If you develop new symptoms, then you should call me for a different remedy.  Aconite is what I took when I was sick in January, and what is proving to be very helpful in other parts of the world for folks diagnosed with CoVid 19 in the early stages.  I believe it is what helped me not develop into something far worse.

The follow up remedy I needed for a few days is one of the remedies that has been helping people world wide who have symptoms similar to what I had in January.  However, there are many remedies that are helpful. I honestly can’t remember what remedy I needed after that point. In retrospect, I think that I likely really needed a different remedy, but it was such an obscure one, that in January, I wasn’t likely to come up with it, especially for myself.

The other thing I did, that is being recommended by many naturally minded practitioners, is I took a LOT of Vitamin D.  I took 10,000 IUs, 2-3 times per day.  If I forgot to do it, I was quickly reminded because I would start to feel MUCH worse. My cough would also get worse.

Homeopathy Has a Long History of Being Successful With Epidemics

Just a reminder that although CoVid 19 is a new virus, the symptoms are not new.  That means that homeopathy, which makes the selection of remedies based on the complete symptom picture, will likely be helpful for you.  Please click here to read more about the history of homeopathy and epidemics.

I have been listening to Webinars put on by a renowned homeopath who has a great deal of experience and a unique approach in working with people in Epidemics and Pandemics.  I have procured a long list of remedies that are helpful and have ordered them to have on hand.  If you find yourself not feeling well, do not put off calling or scheduling an acute consult.

In Summary, if you develop symptoms of CoVid 19, you can be helped. To be prepared and to avoid a more serious illness, do the following:

  • Purchase Aconite 30c.  You can get this in the store, or from me. I am happy to get it ready and either mail it, or put it in the sanitized box outside my office. It is good to have this on hand, just in case, even for a cold that comes on.
  • If you feel like you are getting sick, a sore throat, runny nose, cough, for example, take Aconite 30c, 3-4 doses a day.
  • If you develop new symptoms, call us at 651-748-1556 or schedule an Acute Care appointment.  I also have a CoVid 19 appointment type.  You can be helped with a well chosen homeopathic remedy.

I hope that you get through this pandemic with no symptoms.  But if you do, give us a call at 651-748-1556.


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