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It’s true, we have not not had a really virulent pandemic for 100 years–the last one being the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-1919.  We are certainly due to have one.  When CoVid 19 was identified and it appeared to be really dangerous, testing should have been conducted in earnest.  It seems no matter what we try, there are simply not enough tests being done to be able to draw any valid conclusions.  I hope that a lesson is learned here to not try to deny it.   We certainly needed to exercise caution to determine whether this is “the one” or not.  I am thinking that it is not “the one”.

On the other hand, there was an accidental laboratory, also known as a cruise ship, which showed approximately 17% of those on board tested positive.  And if any location was going to be prime for spreading disease, a cruise ship would be the place!  Interestingly, a city in Germany randomly tested 1000 citizens and found that 15% of the citizens tested positive.  I am not certain what all this means, but one has to consider the case of susceptibility.  Certainly conventional medicine is.  For example, we know that obese individuals and those with diabetes (probably an overlap there) are more susceptible that those who are are not obese/diabetic.  Their outcomes are worse, generally.

But conventional medicine has a different measure of susceptibility than more naturally minded modalities, such as Homeopathy, have.  As I have mentioned in an earlier blog post, I believe I had CoVid19 in January of 2020. Since I have a history of coughs that linger, it is no surprise that I developed that symptom.  I have a susceptibility there.  But my husband was with me for most of the three weeks I was sick, and the week before as well (when apparently people are most contagious–although this is now doubtful.)  He did get a flu-like illness that caused him to miss three days of work.  I gave him remedies, but they were not remedies that have been found to be helpful for CoVid 19.  But they were flu remedies.  He bounced back pretty quickly.  The remedies I took have been found to be helpful for CoVid 19.  So he likely didn’t get CoVid 19.  Why didn’t he get it?  He is most certainly not healthier than I am.  But he doesn’t have a susceptibility for respiratory illnesses as I do. (Yes, I am definitely working on that with remedies.)

Also, the average age of those that died from CoVid 19 in MN are 87, according to Channel 5 news. We don’t know if they had the CoVid 19 virus and they died or if they died from CoVid 19 virus.  Those folks are susceptible to most things that are going around. Perhaps more tragic than the deaths of 87 year olds was the fact that many of them died alone.  Scared and not able to be with their families. Also recently asked and answered at the governor’s update, is the number of people who died from CoVid 19 who had an underlying condition.  The answer:  99.24%. Probably similar to influenza deaths. Talk about susceptibility being an issue!

The worst thing that could happen is that people need to prove they have had CoVid 19 or get a vaccine in order to be back in public, which is what Bill Gates would like. (The Vaccine, btw, doesn’t exist and perhaps never will, given that the notion of long term immunity to CoVid 19 is still a scientific hypotheses, according to Dr. Robert Redfield, the head of the CDC.)  Not acceptable.  It screams of Nazi Germany.  Even though I think I have had it and would likely show antibodies, I am not willing to press that advantage in public.  I would rather wear a mask than exempt myself. If everyone looks the same, with a mask, there is not Scarlet Letter effect of people being scared of the person without a mask. It doesn’t perpetuate a myth. Another example of this allegory is Dr. Suess’ story about the Sneetches.  You can watch a video of that here.

But All Those Germs!

A happy germ ready to invade a dis-eased body.

But what about all those Novel Corona Virus germs out there. Aren’t they scary?  Won’t they harm us? Are we at risk of dying?

The answer is a qualified yes.  But then, we are always at risk of dying.  We never know when our last day is. We should most certainly try to live our best lives and not taunt death, so to speak. But there are things we do on a regular basis that are far riskier in the long term than CoVid 19–crappy diets, smoking, drinking, taking large amounts of pharmaceuticals, for example. All of those things create “dis-ease” which makes us more likely to develop “disease”, which is the end product of dis-ease.  A regular diet of healthy foods, low sugar, low alcohol, regular exercise, and using natural health modalities like Homeopathy regularly will make you a less attractive host for CoVid 19, as well as other germs.

The Germ Theory does not recognize the element of susceptibility, and conventional medicine has no way to measure true susceptibility (and if they can’t measure it, such as with homeopathy, they don’t believe it exists).  So they scare us with germs, instead of recognizing the bigger picture.

Research on epidemics and pandemics in homeopathy shows that when a virus or bacteria is virulent enough, the concept of susceptibility is less important and there is more risk for even those that ordinarily would be low risk. Is CoVid 19 one of those virulent germs? It does not appear that way so far.

When the fear of CoVid 19 develops, you can also remind yourself that there is Homeopathy.  Homeopathy has a long history of healing people suffering from pandemic disease. In fact, by not relying on Homeopathy, high doses of Vitamin C and D, Chinese Medicine, etc., the state is literally sentencing people to death and raising the cost of health care.

If you are suffering from fear and anxiety related to CoVid 19, please read this blog post for ideas on remedies that could help you.

What About Masks?

Masks are designed to keep things in, not to keep things out.  Therefore, if masks were going to work, a large percentage of the population would need to be wearing them to have an impact. Since the concern is the most vulnerable of the population (and we have more of a handle on who that is now) the only way to protect them is for everyone to wear a mask, or for the Stay At Home order to only apply to the most vulnerable. Of all of the restrictions on my liberties, wearing a mask is the least restrictive, in my opinion. And again, I wouldn’t press my advantage if I tested as having antibodies. That buys into the Bill Gates view of the world that vaccines make our immune system stronger (they don’t) and the germ theory. Mask wearing would support those that are the most susceptible, but not impinge too much. BTW, a study done by the US Military (Army I believe) showed that those who had the flu shot were more susceptible to developing CoVid 19.

Sad Germs, after realizing the host body has taken a homeopathic remedy.

The question, of course, is when does it stop? How long? Until there is herd immunity?  What if some people never test for antibodies but still aren’t susceptible? Until we get a vaccine? Oops! Nope! So you can see, it is a complicated issue, indeed. Here is an interesting article on Masks and their use from the University of Minnesota.

Those that are susceptible should change their diet, cut out sugar, exercise when they can, see a homeopath, and improve their underlying health where possible.  That is the best long term solution.  There will always be scary germs. But our susceptibility to them is largely in our control.

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