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CoVid-19 has taken over.  It seems no one is immune to its consequences, even if we don’t actually develop symptoms from the novel corona virus and develop CoVid-19, as the resulting disease has been named.

PTSD has a direct relationship to CoVid-19.  The first relationship is that health care workers, who are trying their best to save lives, have developed PTSD.  I’m not sure whether even enough time has gone by to officially diagnose it as PTSD.  But there is definitely an impact on anyone who has done their level best to save patients and those patients die in spite of the best efforts put forth.

There could be a sense that they didn’t uphold their responsibility in their jobs. Many providers blame themselves for bad outcomes. It is unfortunate that homeopathic remedies aren’t made available for the practitioners to use, not only for their patients, but also for themselves.

I suspect that the remedies these medical practitioners will need for their PTSD are the same remedies needed for military officers who end up feeling responsible for the deaths of those under their charge. This is not a long term dis-ease that will take lots and lots of appointments and remedies to resolve.  There is also a potential relationship to First Responders and the remedies that would help them.

Wearing Masks

Being required to wear a mask could be a pretty big problem for someone whose PTSD is caused by a physical or sexual assault, or perhaps a mugging.  If someone put their hand over your mouth to keep you quiet, a mask would be a huge trigger.

I imagine that there are people who will think that they have over come the assault and their PTSD who will regress in their progress of overcoming PTSD.

Based on my research in the Homeopathy & PTSD study, this situation seems like it would require remedies similar to the ones needed for military personnel who endured life threatening attacks while serving our country.  There is also overlap with First Responders as well, interestingly.  The first responders are seeing people on the worst day of their lives.  An assault is the worst day of a victim’s life. So there is some possible similarities there.

What To Do?

If you feel completely overwhelmed by putting on a mask, please read this blog post.  There is probably a remedy for you in there. If not, please schedule an initial consult.  It may be time for you to begin working on your recovery from PTSD with homeopathy.

If you or a loved one, friend or neighbor, is feeling overwhelmed by working with CoVid 19 patients, you should also schedule an initial consult.  Homeopathy provides rapid healing for people in those situations.

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