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One of the symptoms that often accompanies PTSD is exhaustion. Sometimes people will say they are fatigued, weary, battle scarred.

Think about it for a minute.

  • If you are feeling like trauma is impinging on your life on a regular basis, no doubt you would be exhausted.
  • If your trauma is related to military service, where you had one or more near death experiences, you would most definitely experience fatigue.
  • If you are a first responder, and all the people you called to assist are experiencing the worst day of their lives, how could that NOT build up over time and cause you to feel completely drained?
  • If your trauma was from a car accident, every time you got into the car to drive, you might feel completely frazzled.

Do you feel bone-weary, dog-tired, outta gas, or whatever other phrases you can come up with to describe the weakened state you might be in? You aren’t alone. That experience is part and parcel of the PTSD experience.

Can Homeopathy Help Restore Your Energy?

I have helped people with a variety of homeopathic remedies in the PTSD study, and an even wider range since then. I can guarantee you that the exhaustion is covered by every one of those remedies.  Improved energy is a sign that a remedy is a good match for homeopathic clients where lack of energy is a problem.  This is true regardless of the chief complaint.  When you get a well matched remedy, your exhaustion will dissipate and be replaced with energy from deep in your core.  (As opposed to energy from too much caffeine, for example.)

I wish I could tell all of you with PTSD who are reading this which remedy to take, but I cannot. The good news about homeopathy is that it is customized to each person. One of the biggest complaints in conventional medicine is when someone doesn’t follow the usual pattern of a particular disease, the doctors don’t know what to do with or for that person.

In homeopathy, we focus on each individual’s unique symptom picture, enabling us to choose remedies that are a match for your symptoms.

What To Do Next?

If you would like to get over your symptoms of exhaustion associated with PTSD, schedule an initial consult today and start feeling more like your energetic self tomorrow!

To read more about Homeopathy and PTSD, check out our blog.


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