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Any of you who have worked with me at Lotus Homeopathy know that I am not a big supplement prescriber. (By the way, just a reminder that homeopathic remedies are not supplements, nor are they considered supplements legally.)  A supplement implies that there is something missing.  So, if nothing appears to be missing, it is not likely I will be recommending a supplement to my clients.

Homeopathic Remedies are not Supplements

If there is a temporary condition that can be helped by a supplement, I may recommend a supplement for that.  For example, I often recommend a particular supplement for Adrenal Fatigue if that is part of a client’s health problems. It can take awhile for Adrenal Glands to recover from fatigue.  A supplement might be useful until the remedy kicks in and helps them function optimally.

I also recommend Zinc lozenges for a sore throat.  Zinc is bacteriostatic, meaning it prevents replication of bacteria.  If you have a sore throat and suspect a strep infection, it is something to add in along with the homeopathic remedy that matches your symptoms.

Essential Nutrients

But essential nutrients are just that:  Essential.  Not getting enough of them—whether through eating or absorbing them from the sun, for example—can cause problems that a remedy can’t fix.  Not getting proper nutrition can be an obstacle to cure.

Recently I had an experience where I realized that the mental/emotional symptoms I had were actually a lack of a vital nutrient, and not a homeopathic symptom.

Earlier this past summer, I found myself not wanting to help anyone.  I just wanted to do what I wanted to do and not worry about other people.  This is not a good state of mind for a homeopath.  I tried to fight it off, but could not.  In general, I didn’t want to do anything.  It wasn’t depression.  It was a state of mind where trying to help or accomplish tasks seemed completely impossible.

What To Do?  What To Do?

I decided to look up that symptom, if I could, and see what came up in terms of a remedy.  I managed somehow to find a symptom of not wanting to help.  (For whatever reason, I am unable to find it now.)  But I recall there being exactly three remedies known to help that symptom.  One of the remedies was Selenium.

I am familiar enough with the remedy to know that it was not a good constitutional remedy for me.  But I also knew from previous experience that sometimes symptoms that show up in the homeopathic repertory of symptoms often also apply to the material dose of the substance.  That is, lack of nutritional selenium, which is an essential nutrient, could also produce that symptom.

I had stopped taking my multi vitamin.  Not sure why.  I had changed my diet and wasn’t consuming as much beef as I had previously.  Beef, and pork are among many protein sources that also are good sources of selenium.  Brazil Nuts are well known for being high in selenium as well and often recommended to be eaten daily for prostate problems—which I don’t have to worry about.

I started taking my multi vitamin again, and within a couple days, the mental symptom of not wanting to help people began to disappear.  After a week, I felt like my old self again.  What a relief.  A remedy would not have helped this situation.

What About Essential Oils?

Many years ago, I had a similar experience with finding a remedy that covered a symptom and realized that it was a symptom of a material dose of something I had been utilizing, but it had a huge impact on me that wasn’t desirable.

The symptom I am referring to is when I went through a time period when all I wanted to do was go to bed early.  It was 6 p.m. and I was ready for bed.  I wanted to just go get in bed and read.  I looked that symptom up as well.  Front and center was the remedy homeopathic lavender. Of course, as an Essential Oil and an herb, lavender is known for making people sleepy.  I had been using some lotion with lavender in it on my arms each morning for about a week.  It was still affecting me by the end of the day.  (BTW, that oversensitivity to Lavender did get better when I took a dose of homeopathic Lavender 30c.)  Now I am able to use it without any problems.

Vitamin C & D

There are many more Essential Nutrients that come in the form of supplements that are useful.  Vitamin C and Vitamin D come to mind as being especially beneficial.

Vitamin D is the Sunshine Vitamin!

A study from Boston University shows that when Vitamin D levels are adequate, the likelihood of contracting CoVid-19 is reduced by 54 percent. Other studies are showing that when patients who have contracted CoVid-19 have adequate Vitamin D levels, the severity and mortality are significantly reduced.  So getting enough Vitamin D is crucial. (https://thevaccinereaction.org/2020/09/three-new-studies-support-vitamin-ds-role-in-preventing-and-treating-covid-19/)

Vitamin D is the Sunshine Vitamin.  The amount we can absorb from the sun is reduced in the winter, even if you spent hours outside.  The angle of the sun doesn’t allow as much Ultraviolet B rays to be absorbed into the skin, which, in the summer, causes Vitamin D to synthesize in the body.

Your doctor can tell you whether you have enough Vitamin D in your blood serum and how much you will need to take.

If you feel you need a supplement for a temporary situation, I can help you access pharmaceutical grade supplements.  But for true healing, homeopathy is the ticket! Schedule a complementary consult and get started on healing!

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