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There has been so much uncertainty and anxiety since the middle of March.  First it was CoVid, then George Floyd’s murder and then the Election. How much more can we take?

Now that the 2020 election is upon us, people will experience a variety of emotions when the results are revealed over the course of the next few days.  This will vary depending on whether your candidate wins or loses.

Homeopathy can help heal those emotions so you can move on.  The following remedies described are mostly easily available.  If they are not, please contact Lotus Homeopathy at 651-748-1556 to get your bottle of your needed remedy.  If none of these remedies describe you, please schedule an Acute Care appointment.

I have divided the remedies into categories of Your Candidate Wins, and Your Candidate Loses.  Keep in mind, that you may have your heart set on several races, and if some win and some lose, more than likely, you will need the remedy related to the loss, but check both categories out. You will also notice that some remedies are included in both categories.  These remedies are not in any particular order.

Yay! Your Candidate Wins!

Basically, this category is about Ailments from Too Much Joy!  (Did you know there was such a thing?)

Coffea Cruda—This remedy is homeopathic coffee beans.  It is well known for helping cases of acute insomnia. Less well known is that is has the symptom of Ailments from Excessive Joy.  The Coffea symptoms will be that you are so excited and happy that you cannot get to sleep or you cannot concentrate. You might even be weeping you are so happy. Jitteriness might also be a symptom, as that is a common side effect of drinking caffeinated coffee.

Causticum—People who need Causticum in this situation are people who probably were involved with a campaign.  You’ve poured your heart and soul into the campaign, because you are an activist through and through. (The people who need this remedy are more likely to lean blue than red, politically. But don’t write if off if you are leaning red.)  It paid off and your Candidate won.  But now, you need to calm down and focus.  You might also develop a tickly cough, better from cold drinks, worse from lying down.  Stiffness is also a symptom of Causticum.

Pulsatilla—We often think of Pulsatilla as a remedy for children who are clinging to their mother, and rightly so.  But it also can be a remedy for being overjoyed, especially if it includes lots of hugging, kissing, and weeping.  Keep in mind, that this is normal behavior with a hard fought victory, but examine whether this behavior is lasting longer than seems appropriate.

Veratrum Album—The remedies in the Lily family are all about your position in society.  Do you get to maintain your position or not?  A win for your candidate means that you do.  A loss for candidate, means that you don’t. Basically, you feel that your team won. Physical symptoms would include being shivering cold, diarrhea, feeling faint, maybe even craving alcohol, specifically beer, wine, and brandy.

Nux Vomica—This remedy is not in the Ailments from Excessive Joy category, but it deserves mention as a remedy for over-indulgence.  If you are partying because your candidate won, you will probably want to take this before bed and in the morning, to help prevent a hangover.

Bummer!  Your Candidate Loses!

Aconite—This remedy is well known for feeling that death is imminent. If you feel like your life is in peril due to an election loss, consider this remedy.

Ignatia—The perfect remedy for grief over losing is Ignatia.  You worked hard on your campaign, or that of your favorite candidate and you lost. Perhaps you were counting on winning.  All signs pointed to a win and you didn’t. The shock is overwhelming. You may be weeping, you may experience a lump in your throat. You could also be very angry about the loss.

Staphysagria—If you are angry that your candidate lost, but you are trying to not show it, consider Staphysagria.  On the other hand, you might be REALLY angry about it, perhaps letting out some pent up anger from the election season.

Chamomilla—Anyone who has had an angry, teething baby knows what Chamomilla can do for an angry person.  Watch for pacing, inability to be consoled, and a red face or one red cheek.

Gelsemium—Feeling like you just don’t care is a common symptom of Gelsemium when you have a fever.  But there is a good deal of cowardice involved with this remedy—after all, it was given to the soldiers in the Civil War to get them to be brave enough to go out on the battlefield. So if you feel like you are wanting to give up because your candidate lost, and you just don’t want to take any action because you fear the outcome, consider Gelsemium.  If you are reading this before the election results are final and you have some anticipatory anxiety, a dose of Gelsemium would be helpful as well.

Arsenicum Album—This is a remedy for high anxiety.  If you need this remedy, you will find yourself excessively chilly.  You concerns may be about safety, money, illness, and death.  You will be fearful and perhaps angry.

Belladonna—People who need Belladonna as a remedy leave a BIG WAKE in their path.  Do you feel the energy of the anger long after the person who needs Belladonna leaves the room? That is a good sign.  Anger will cause a red face in people who need Belladonna.  Temper Tantrums abound. You might not recognize this in yourself, but perhaps you can offer it to a loved one.

Nitric Acid—You are angry and you are fearful that you will be controlled by someone else because your candidate lost. All the acid remedies are helpful in situations of exhaustion, so if you experience that along with your anger and fear, consider Nitric Acid.

Nux Vomica—There is a good deal of anger and irritability in Nux Vomica.  Anger over the loss, calling people stupid, over eating, drinking too much, constipation, chills.

Pulsatilla—This remedy might be needed if you are weeping excessively after the election, and your most prominent emotion is a fear for something that might happen to you or a family member as a result of the election.

Veratrum Album—As mentioned above, Veratrum Album is a member of the Lily Family and the story of Lilies is about losing your position in society. It feels like your team lost, perhaps. Or, you were kicked off the team. Those of us who are Minnesota Vikings fans are aware of this feeling. You might also have diarrhea accompanied by chills.


If you purchase Boiron remedies from the store, the vial will say that the dose is 3-5 pellets.  I recommend that you only use 2 pellets, because that is all that is necessary.

Click here to learn how to take homeopathic remedies. Start with one dose.  If you feel better, great.  Stop until you start to feel worse again.  If you aren’t feeling better in an hour, take another dose.  Wait one more hour.  If you aren’t feeling better, take a third dose. If you are still not better after an hour, choose a new remedy.

If you need help choosing a remedy, schedule an acute consult here.

Good Luck to you and your candidate!

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