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For the last couple of years, I have been sharing my word of the year for the upcoming year.  It isn’t usually a word I think up.  It usually just comes to me when I set the intention for it to come to me.  This year, I set the intention and by the next day, I had the word.

For 2020, I chose a phrase and not a word.  The phrase was “Just See It!”  This was a way to remind myself that sometimes, I am not seeing the world around me in a way that presents truth and accuracy.  It turned out to be an excellent choice for this year.  There are lots of things to see—health issues, racism, what is really going on in the world.  I’m sure you could add to the list.

To read more on the background on choosing a word of the year, and more about my Word of the Year for 2020, check out last year’s blog.

By the way, I do not discard previous year’s Words of the Year.  I still focus on them.  I most certainly will focus on “Just See It” on an ongoing basis. But, as usual, I will change my lock screen on my iPhone to include some photo art that includes my Word of the Year for 2021.

My Word of the Year for 2021 is…..

My word of the year is an off shoot of the gratitude movement that began a few years ago.  I think Gratitude stops short.  My Word of the Year for 20201 is…

Drum roll please….


This means that I want to emphasize consciously creating more value than I currently do, for myself, my clients and the world in general.  It also includes seeing things as valuable when I might be grumbling about them.

Just think about all the things that could change by just thinking about creating value. For example, since the start of CoVid, grocery stores and other places with shopping carts have been keeping them clean.  I actually think that is a good thing, and something that should continue.  Sometimes the carts are absolutely disgusting. I know that sharing germs is how we build our immune system and I am not afraid of germs.  But really…there have been times in the past that I have been seriously grossed out by a grocery cart. So not only is there immediate value, seeing this task as valuable is part of the mental reframing that takes place.

What’s Next for You?

I hope you find a Word of the Year for 2021 that can impact your life as well.  Feel free to share it on my Facebook Post.  Once you discover your word, be sure to write it down, make a meme, share it with others, or you are sure to forget it.

You could even think about making a New Year’s Day activity for your family where everyone chooses their own word of the year.  And then, bring on 2021!

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