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New Year, New Remedies  

As most of you know, I recommend remedy kits for my clients and others to have on hand in case someone gets sick. But, as one can expect, the second time you need a remedy, it will be one that isn’t in the kit.

My favorite kit I recommend is from Helios Homeopathy in London.  They have a Basic 36 kit that comes with a well-written booklet, for those 2 a.m. times when I don’t answer the phone.  Thirty-six remedies is a nice amount, but given that there are several thousand homeopathic remedies, and at least 100 remedies that are frequently helpful in acute situations, it truly is just a start.

The remedies recommended below are not in the Helios Basic 36 Kit.

Remedies You Should Acquire Early This Year

We are in the heart of acute illness and injury season in January, so try to get your hands on these as soon as possible.

  • Bellis Perennis—30c
  • Causticum—30c
  • Kali Carbonicum 30c
  • Phytolacca—30c
  • Sulphur—200c (not from Boiron)

The list could go on and on, but these are five very useful remedies that you are likely to use.

Pro Tips and Tricks for Using Your New Remedies

  • Bellis Perennis is made from the common daisy.  It is well known for helping old injuries, and also abdominal injuries or surgery. But for winter, it is especially helpful for injuries to the coccyx (tailbone).  With the temperatures going up and down in the winter, ice is likely to form.  If you fall on your bottom and injure your coccyx, take Bellis Perennis 30c 3x a day for 3-4 days to help heal the pain from the fall.
  • If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have a few remedies with me, Causticum 30c would be one of them. It is great for minor burns.  But in the winter, it is the first remedy I recommend for a tickly cough that is worse lying down and much improved by drinking cold water.
  • Too many people do not appreciate how awesome the Kali remedies are for coughs.  They are often deep coughs that wrack the body. Think of Kali Carb if the cough is almost completely gone while up and about and when you lie down, it reappears. If you have little ones running around, and the activity makes them cough, start with Kali Carb 30c.
  • Phytolacca 30c is a remedy that can be used for mastitis, but in the winter, think of it for sore throats.  Because Phytolacca is made from a plant called Poke Root, the pain is very much about being poked or stuck with something.  One of the unusual symptoms of Phytolacca as it relates to sore throats is that it is both aggravated and ameliorated by both warm drinks and cold drinks.  So if you can’t pin it down whether any type of drink helps or makes your sore throat worse, consider Phytolacca 30c.
  • Take Sulphur 200c when you are sick of being sick.  Any symptoms that come on at the end of a stale old cold likely call for Sulphur. The 200c potency is especially helpful because it gives an extra push for something that has settled into the body.  As always with Sulphur, you would want to see the person seeming to be a little warmer than usual, maybe some funky odors and perhaps the hair is a little greasier than normal.  The cough is almost always worse when you are laying down, trying to fall asleep.

I remember giving Sulphur 200c to a family member who had a cough that would just not go away.  He tried to go to the doctor, but couldn’t get an appointment for a few weeks.  Two rounds of Sulphur 200c took that cough away.

Take one dose a day for 3 days, 24 hours apart of Sulphur 200c to get rid of the old cold that is hanging around.

If dosing instructions are not included above, please read this blog post for advice.

Be Prepared.  Get the New Remedies

Four of the five remedies are available in stores such as the Vitamin Shoppe or coops with big remedy selections.  But if you have trouble finding any of these remedies, please order them here from Lotus Homeopathy and we can get these remedies for you. Be sure to mention which ones you need in the Notes section.

Don’t wait until you need them.  Get them today, so you have them.

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