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Homeopathy is incredibly complicated yet quite easy at the same time, once you know the rules. In order to get more efficient yourself with Acute Care, or to have more success when working with a homeopath, keep these myths in mind (and don’t act as though they are true) to avoid delaying improvement of your health.

Diagnosis Equals Prescription

Teething remedies–lots of selections

This is true in Conventional, western medicine.  If I have this diagnosis, this must be the thing that helps it.

  • Got a Headache? Take Advil.
  • Feeling down? Take one of five or so anti-depressants.
  • Not sleeping? Take a sleeping pill.

In homeopathy, we look for the remedy that best matches the totality of symptoms you are currently experiencing.  I remember a client who was struggling with a really sore throat, better from cold drinks, and her uvula was swollen.  She had tried a couple remedies herself before calling me for help.  I collected her physical symptoms and then asked, how is your mood?  She said, “Well, I just got done mopping the floor.”

Hmmm.  Feeling sick enough to call, but mopping the floor?  The remedy I chose for her was Apis.  This is a remedy made from worker bees.  How do we refer to bees?  “Busy as a bee.”  It also matched all her physical symptoms.

Her self-diagnosis was “sore throat”.  Her homeopathic diagnosis was that she was in an Apis state.  So I gave her Apis.

So if you ask me, “what have you got for ______________ (fill in the blank)?”  The answer will almost always be, “Lots of things!”  There are 870 remedies in the symptom Throat, Pain.  Yep.  I definitely need those other symptoms to isolate what remedy to give.

There Are A Set Number of Doses that Will Help

We are so used to looking at the bottle of Tylenol and seeing how many doses how often and what the limit is.  Part of the reason for that is because Tylenol is hard on your liver and you can actually cause your liver to shut down by taking too much.

Research was done decades ago to help recognize how long Tylenol and Advil last for the average person—it is four and six hours, respectively. But the reality is, for some folks, it lasts longer.  On the rare occasion I need to take Advil (I never take Tylenol due to a scary response to it—more on that later) it actually lasts 36 hours for me.

Similarly, homeopathic remedies may last a longer or shorter time for you than another person in your family.  Or, a longer or shorter time than it did last time you had a cold.

For acute care, using 30c potencies, I have come to recognize that if you give a remedy 3 tries within 3 hours and you don’t have a positive response, you need to move on.  However, if you get better with one or two doses, don’t repeat. Check in with yourself!  See how you are feeling!  Please read this important and popular blog post to learn more.

If One Pellet is Good, Five Must Be Better

While this may be true for really sensitive people, homeopathy does operate on the principle of the least possible dose.  When you are taking homeopathic remedies, one or two pellets is generally sufficient, unless the pellets are quite small.  But with the ones you purchase in the store, or in the kits I recommend, one dose is sufficient.  The only reason to take more is to make sure that your pellet hasn’t been “missed” when it comes to coating the pellets with medication. (The medication is on the outside of the pellets.)

I do recognize also, that there are some people who are really sensitive and cannot take more than one pellet, and they can feel a difference, as there is more energy in 3 pellets than 1 pellet.

In homeopathy, repetition is more important than volume of pellets.  I recall a client who questioned the number of pellets.  The first two doses weren’t working with one pellet, so she upped it to to three pellets. The remedy worked then so it must have worked to give more pellets.  Nope.  It was the third repetition that worked.

There is an exception to this rule, and that is when you are taking low X potencies, such as cell salts or organ therapeutics.  You are taking both material doses and energetic doses with the low X potencies, so I encourage you to follow the dosing instructions on the bottles in those cases.

You Only Have One or Two Symptoms

There are always more symptoms.  It is one of the reasons that people choose to work with a homeopath.  As homeopaths, we are trained to not only root out symptoms, but see the patterns in the symptoms.

If you have a kit, and are trying to find a remedy for yourself or a family member for an acute illness, Lotus Homeopathy has a list of questions to ask yourself to help narrow down the remedy.  It is also helpful if you answer these questions BEFORE you call for help.

If You Can’t Decide On A Remedy, Take a Bunch of Different Remedies.

This is the “throw everything you have at it and hope it sticks” version of homeopathy.  Most of my clients, over the years have often been told to alternate the remedies when sick with an acute illness, or more often an injury.  This is a good way to see which helps more.  Or maybe they both help, but in different ways.

In homeopathy, there are remedies that are inimical to each other.  This means that they can cancel each other out. We don’t know what all those remedies are, first of all.  Second, you don’t have access, generally speaking, to that information.  Third, if you did have access, you wouldn’t think to look it up.

I understand that if you can’t figure it out, or you don’t have the correct remedies on hand, it is nice to think that you can just use what you have on hand. Homeopathy doesn’t work that way.  You need to invest in remedies if you want to do it right.

What Next?

There are many more mistakes to avoid, but if you recognize these myths for what they are, you will have better results.

Next time you are struggling with acute or chronic issues, schedule an appointment with Lotus Homeopathy.  Get on the path to healing more quickly.



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